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  1. Chrswrites

    Help Japanese 'Cool Porygon' and others: which one is it?

    Some Japanese 'unnumbered promo's' have been printed multiple times, like COOL PORYGON and HUNGRY SNORLAX. They were printed once for the Nintendo 64 campaign and once for the Pokemon Song Best Collection CD. How can you tell which one is which?
  2. Chrswrites

    Collecting Wrong card numbers in Guardians Rising

    Does anyone know why the Rainbow Rare Primarina GX comes before Alolan Ninetales GX in Guardians Rising?
  3. Chrswrites

    Question Creating a New Generation

    For years I have wondered how the process of creating a new generation works. In the beginning I thought they had over 1000 Pokemon in stock and they would release a batch every 3 years. When I heared that Shellos and Gastrodon were supposed to be in Gen 3, I really thought this was true...
  4. Chrswrites

    Collecting Crazy Collectors Questions

    I consider myself a diehard Pokemon TCG collector - although I skip some stuff. Lol. And as a collector I have a lot of questions about collecting, collectors and collections. I hope many of you will share your answers, tips and advices. My top 12 for the day... How do you supress the urge to...
  5. Chrswrites

    Collecting What was the Best Pokémon Deal You've Gotten?

    What was your best Pokemon trade or buy ever? I'm so curious. My best buy was a Ultra Ball (secret rare) for just 15 dollar and a Charizard (secret rare) for just 12 dollar! I was so happy about those deals.
  6. Chrswrites

    In Search Of [NL-WW] W: Gym Collector Packs & Singles

    Can anyone help me find the Gym Collector Packs? Especially Lightning and Grass are wanted. I don't live in the States, so I hope someone can help me out. I also have a Want List, maybe someone can help me complete my collection (for a reasonable price)... ROCKET RETURNS 099 ROCKET’S MEWTWO...
  7. Chrswrites

    Forgotten Pokemon & Babies

    For a while now I'm wondering which Pokemon have been missing in the TCG for a long time. I know kadabra will not be released in the near future. But there are many more Pokemon that have been forgotten since BW. But which ones are those and is there a WHY to it? And I am curious why baby...