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  1. K_la

    Help Assault Tackle Ruling

    Pokedad question... While playing with my son, I used zamazenta's assault tackle, against my sons Dragapult Vmax. It had a horror energy attached. Assault tackle discards a special energy. Do I still take two damage counters for the attack or does he attac remove the condition of the horror...
  2. K_la

    Discussion Should Lt Surge be banned?

    What is everyone's thoughts on Lt Surge? Should it be banned? In my opinion it should be banned immediately. The new Cinccino mill is far too strong. It's a mindless deck that a monkey could win with, and it robs all fun from the game. While mill is a legit strategy it should be balanced.
  3. K_la

    Ruling Slow play win scenerio

    If playing a best of three and your opponent is playing slow, you won the first game, and time runs out, is it a win as you won the most games or a tie as you didn't win two?
  4. K_la

    Ruling Keldeo vs Miraculous DuoGX

    I am perpetually wrong with cards, and thought instead of make a fool of myself at a tournament I'd use my keyboard warrior skills to get the shame done and over with here :p Recently, I had Keldeo in play, and the opponent had Mewtwo & Mew GX. They used Miraculous Duo GX (If this Pokémon has...
  5. K_la

    Art Gallery My 10yr old sons YouTube channel

    Hello All, My son is a pokeholic and has worked hard on creating a studio to film for his Pokemon channel. It's his dream to go to Worlds in London, and he's going to use this channel to talk about all aspects of the journey, as well as his love of Pokemon. Check it out, subscribe and give it...
  6. K_la

    Ruling Fairy Charm Question

    I am not sure if I am reading the card wrong, or if it is a glitch it the online TCGO... I had the "Fairy Charm Ability" 171/214, that prevents damage from the attacks of GX's, but when Reshiram Charizard attaked my Granbull that had the tool attached to it, it got knocked out. Does the card not...
  7. K_la

    Standard BuzzNinja

    I'm worried about Charizard Reshiram, and PikaRom is already a huge threat. I wanted to target their weaknesses while still creating a deck that could hold it's own against the rest. My idea was to use Buzzwole to weaken the bench, and attack the obvious weakness of PikaRom. Greninja can one...
  8. K_la

    Discussion Zebstrika or Jirachi for Card Draw?

    What is everyone planning on doing to avoid bricking when Oranguru is rotated out? Will you use Zebstrika (Lost Thunder) as a replacement, or Jirachi (Team Up). Oranguru has been a staple in almost all my decks, and with it rotating out it presents a significant hole in draw support. I worry...
  9. K_la

    Standard Budget Decks for New Players

    I am a high school teacher and have started a Pokemon club that has become popular with the students. Being an inner city school most of the students can't afford the cards, and I have provided 5 decks for the school. Many of the kids want to play in our local league but lack their own personal...
  10. K_la

    Discussion Thoughts on Tag Teams

    Before Tag Teams came out I was dead set against them. I've learned to build decks with them, and heaven forbid even enjoy some of them. Personally, I am still on the fence for how they impact the game. What are your thoughts on the new mechanic? What cards do you think enhance the quality of...
  11. K_la

    Standard Gengar & Mimikyu Trash Heap

    I am have been attempting to create a non-competitive, fun deck to play using the new Alolan Muk alongside Grabador, but the deck truly is trash. While it's never going to be great, it would be nice to pull off a few wins, lol. Any help making it somewhat playable, as right now its junk...
  12. K_la

    PTCGO Glitches with PCTGO

    Is anyone else having glitches with the PCTGO? When I log in it says there is -2147483648% left. When I scroll through my deck it claims I have far more cards then I do, such as having 14 Marshadows, then the next turn it claims I have 5. It's making it frustrating to plan out as I don't...
  13. K_la

    Fun Use of the Term 'Broken'

    Perhaps I am being a grouchy old pedant, but the use of the term 'broken' appears to be thrown around ad nauseam, and with little substance! Does anyone else get perturbed when a strong card is called 'broken'? To me, broken implies meta defining and unstoppable, whereas what I read from others...
  14. K_la

    General Pokédad

    Any other Pokédad's out there? If so, has your passion and addiction for opening packs surpassed your child's? I feel I need a 12 step Pokémon support group, lol