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    TCG Fakes Some Interesting Concepts/Ideas

    I'm developing my own sandbox-esque program in Python that, at the very moment is unfinished and really crude, but it was more of a proof-of-concept thing to me as I've been programming on and off for a couple years (school, jobs, volunteering gets in the way frequently). I've wanted to develop...
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    Collecting 18 Packs in Booster Box?

    I'm planning on ordering this off of Potomac Distribution and have a question regarding it. It's a Spanish-language version of the HeartGold and SoulSilver base set, but it says only 18 packs. I know Booster Boxes have had 36 packs in them for a while (although I've never opened one), but are...
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    TCG Fakes Dumb Criminal's Text-Based Fakes (Requests: Open)

    I do text-based fakes, I love the old-school cards from Base to Neo (Ecard is forgettable imo, and the cards look really tacky to me with the barcode). I want to bring back the vibe from those eras while using cards from this current era. Once I get motivated, I might decide to make cards out of...
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    [WIP] PlasmaDurant

    Hey guys, I'm matthewbny, and I'm relatively new to the forums around here. Anyways, I was talking with my friend and me and her were thinking about making a Durant deck that revolved around using both Klinklangs, Lairon and Aggron (Dragons Exalted) / Devolution Spray to make your opponent run...