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    Brand spanking new trades list.

    No CML unless you have any of my wants. Wants are at the bottom. BW-On only please. No older cards. EX: Shaymin Reshiram (Promo) Zekrom (Promo) Mewtwo (Promo) Tornadus Groudon (FA) Groudon Registeel (FA) Giratina Landorus Black Kyurem x2 (BCR) Black Kyurem (FA) Cobalion EX (Upgrade only) FA...
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    Have Boundaries Crossed, Want lots of stuff.

    Live in the UK, don't post here if you won't post there. BW-On only please. No old cards. EX: Shaymin (FA) Shaymin x4 Reshiram (Booster) Reshiram x2 (Promo) Zekrom x2 (Promo) Kyurem (Booster) Kyurem (Promo) Mewtwo (Booster) Mewtwo (Promo) Entei Kyogre Raikou Darkrai x3 (Promo) (Upgrade) Ho-Oh...
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    Got so much stuff, so little time! Come see :)

    Huge list here. Use Ctrl + F to find stuff. I'm Uk, I don't mind sending worldwide. After very few thngs, and they are all listed in my wants. I don't want to see lists. EX: Reshiram (Tin) x2 Zekrom (Tin) x2 Kyurem (Tin) Entei Raikou Kyurem Reshiram Shaymin (FA) Shaymin x4 Groudon (FA) Groudon...
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    Small Collection wants - have lots.

    Uk trader. Prefer Uk trades. Sorry if posting seems slow, But it's CHRISTMAS! :P Looking to complete sets, so help me out, yeah? :) No CML. I only need a few cards, So just offer what I need :) LV X: Electivire FB x4 Rayquaza C x1 Salamence x3 Arceus (Psychic Bolt) x1 Arceus (Meteor...
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    Back after 3 years :D

    UK Prefer to trade in UK, but will post all over. I will do a mod trade if you want, but I am unable to pay for it atm. Haves: LV X: Charizard G (Booster) Rayquaza C (Tin) Garchomp C (Tin) Legend: Lugia (Top) Ho-Oh (Bottom) Suicune + Entei (Bottom) Prime: Meganium x3...
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    worth purchasing to start me off in pokemon again? i thought it looked good, and always wanted espeon*. plus, considering the rarity of * pokemon, i want to know if i should get this, for colectable value or trade value, whatever's higher.