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  1. Lanstar

    “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Fully Revealed!

    Those weakness glasses just opened a new can of Rogue decks - and I like it.
  2. Lanstar

    Crabominable V Revealed from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    I could see this card as part of a very dynamic control and attacking deck. It has a nice milling attack, and has a good partner with drizzile/inteleon to get disruption items and spread damage to power its 2nd attack. In other words, this potential deck could have two win conditions: Deck out...
  3. Lanstar

    New Layout and Forums Launched, Hacking Updates, and Some Help Needed!

    Glad that the site's back online! I don't post here as much as I usually do, but I still enjoy reading the articles anyhow.
  4. Lanstar

    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    This Thievul card could actually be really nasty. Many might say "Hey! Just play Marnie!" - But I say, "Hey! I want to play Professor's Research, but also still disrupt my opponent's hand while drawing even more cards afterwards!"
  5. Lanstar

    'Eevee Heroes' TCG Set to Feature All Eeveelutions as Pokemon V, Plus Gengar / Inteleon VMAX Decks!

    Marowak was played a little while after it came out in some decks to stop the infamous Toad-Tina item lock decks. However, rotation removed Toad one set afterward, and so the item lock strategy switched to Vileplume - Of which Marowak did not stop: Marowak only stops effects of attacks from...
  6. Lanstar

    'Eevee Heroes' TCG Set to Feature All Eeveelutions as Pokemon V, Plus Gengar / Inteleon VMAX Decks!

    I can't believe it... This Milotic's ability is what pretty much everyone would be screaming to have in the olden days, which always suffered the cursed "N to 1" debacles. Yet they decided to print it only when a few hand disruption cards will exist in standard, and are much more tame than the...
  7. Lanstar

    Six Cards Added to Japan's Expanded Ban List!

    Now they need to unban Wally internationally and go either way with Lusamine, and the format merge will be complete. Really: Given how the player going first can no longer use supporters on the first turn, Wally is a much less broken card that deserves justice once again.
  8. Lanstar

    TPCi's 'Core Player Survey' Asks Good Questions, Needs Great Answers

    I tried watching the Player II Cup stream last week... I've never seen more boring gameplay and a centralized metagame than the current standard format. It's so weird how Expanded looks like a much more stable and enjoyable format right now - Who knew banning a bunch of restrictive cards in...
  9. Lanstar

    Charizard Fever is Real—A Quick Look at Pokemon's Obsession with Its Fire-Breathing Lizard

    The 'Charizard Craze' has dangerous implications about the game. Because collectors are willing to buy into it, it enters the curse of the mainline lines: "They will sell anyways, so why should the games ever improve at all?" In terms of the TCG, it means there's little motivation at all to...
  10. Lanstar

    Discussion Does Pokémon TCG Need a Casual Format to "Compete" Against MTG in EDH / Commander?

    It's not as complicated as you'd think. Deck building often has patterns involved, and a randomizers just needs to follow them. Take a theme deck, for instance: The pattern of them usually involves a certain number of Pokemon, trainer cards, and energy, along with the rarity of cards. What you...
  11. Lanstar

    Discussion Does Pokémon TCG Need a Casual Format to "Compete" Against MTG in EDH / Commander?

    I think a casual format would be nice, but unless enough people are willing to agree with one to play on a regular basis, it will go nowhere... ...Which I think I know the best solution: An independent Pokemon TCG app, similar to Pokemon Showdown, which lets people play and create such formats...
  12. Lanstar

    Fun If you were to change one fundamental rule of the PTCG, what would it be?

    Seeing how horrific the stage 2 issue has been, and nothing has been done to fix it, here's one rule I made up: If your regular stage 2 Pokemon is knocked out by the attack of a basic or 3-prize Pokemon, your opponent takes no prize cards. This is the only rule I could think of adding that...
  13. Lanstar

    'Shocking Volt Tackle,' Japan's September Set!

    Hau funny that Shiftry card is! I Hop it could see some play for Cheren the pain against many decks, but unfortunately it looks to be very low Tier,no?
  14. Lanstar

    'Shocking Volt Tackle,' Japan's September Set!

    To people who underestimate this Snorlax: Think "Alolan Vulpix". That card had seen loads of play back in the day because it was able setup your next turn without requiring energy or the fear of losing a 2 prize basic benchsetter. Thus it became the premier startup card for a many stage 2 decks...
  15. Lanstar

    'Shocking Volt Tackle,' Japan's September Set!

    How to tell how overly power-crept and centralized the meta is: People here complain that 200 hp, easy healing, and dealing limitless damage is no longer enough to have on a Non-GX/V stage 1 attacker. >.>
  16. Lanstar

    What is a good format?

    After reading the article, there is much I agree with, with one part questionable. The questionable part would be Seismitoad-EX being an overall good, which I found the total opposite. The problem was if the card meant to slow the rapid-fast decks, it did a miserable job at it: It instead made...
  17. Lanstar

    All New 'Sword & Shield' Pokemon, Stats, Galar Pokedex, Cut Attacks, Version Exclusives, and More!

    I'm sorry to say this, and it might be controversial: Due to the situation of these games, I'm not going back to the TCG game. The reason is because The Pokemon Company is enforcing a harsh development schedule upon Game Freak, due to how all the external media and merchandise are tied to the...
  18. Lanstar

    Guzma & Hala, Walrein, Kommo-o from 'Alter Genesis!'

    Wake me when, 1. Level Ball is reprinted and, 2. A wothwhile stage 2 search card introduced. Otherwise, these stage 2 attackers feel empty in standard to me. We can't utilize them unless we can actually get them out constistently! >.<
  19. Lanstar

    'Alter Genesis,' 'High Class Pack 2019' Sets Announced for Japan!

    Every time I see all these interesting stage 2 attackers, I keep thinking: They all pretty much auto-lose to the Tag Team decks right now, as all the trainer cards needed to set them up are still non-existent in standard right now.
  20. Lanstar

    Discussion What is a "healthy meta"?

    To me, a healthy meta is one that has room to constantly evolve - where Rogue Decks can be built successfully, and various playstyles, types, and stage lines are accommodated. Yes, there could be only 5 BDIF's - But each one with an entirely different playstyle than just GX's everywhere. Since...