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  1. Cati

    Nine Surprising Changes Announced for the PTCG: Fairy Pokemon Dropped!

    someone plz help why is fairy removed why is dark weak to grass? things are getting weird the changes are weird uwu
  2. Cati

    Sword & Shield Expansion Packs Announced: New and Returning Pokemon!

    stupid shield getting Avery. I wanted Clara. waifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu nooooooooooooo also its 30 bucks that's a lot for dlc I think the birds look cool I think cinderace mega sucks but inteleon is cool (no boomer) regis are cool slowpoke is weird fighting mons are cool I think the mountain thingie is...
  3. Cati

    Japan's March Set: 'Rebellion Crash,' Plus Toxtricity V, Charizard VMAX, Grimmsnarl VMAX!

    Those V-Max deck packages looking like a snack if I do say so myself UWu
  4. Cati

    Galar Pals Mini Tins, Collector's Chest Tin in April!

    Thats exactly what I use my Veevee one for! UwU
  5. Cati

    Blastoise & Piplup Playmat for Q2 League Cups, Other League Rewards!

    I love the artworks tho. All of them Uwubbbb
  6. Cati

    Special 'Hidden Fates' Collections Coming to Walfart!

    these are usually cheaper, right? uwu
  7. Cati

    Galar Partners Pokemon Center Playmats

    pretty nice, I love the bottom one UWUbb
  8. Cati

    McDonalds 2019 Pokemon Promos and Toys!

    these are kinda cool, I remember getting one of the old O X Box toys back in the BW era. I want the eevee! UWUb
  9. Cati

    TCG Boxes in January Feature Unnnamed Pokemon

    First! Like and Subscribe! UwU b
  10. Cati

    Gigantamax Charizard, Pikachu, Meowth, Eevee Revealed!

    I want that thicc EEVEE! thank you Nintendo. UWU
  11. Cati

    Help Want to do Expanded Regionals... What to play?

    What should I play expanded Competitive? I might go to an expanded regional but I don't know what's good! Pls Help! Thanks! UWU b
  12. Cati

    'Tag All Stars' Set Revealed in 'CoroCoro!'

    Yeah, weighed packs would be quite an issue if the packs were literally easily weighable by hand, I mean... think about it. UWU
  13. Cati

    'Tag All Stars' Set Revealed in 'CoroCoro!'

    And that Eevee would pair nice with my collection, gotta get it for the memes. UWU
  14. Cati

    'Tag All Stars' Set Revealed in 'CoroCoro!'

    Love the OOYAMA art cards, want all the e-powers UWU
  15. Cati

    Discussion Testing group.

    Hello to all people fellow and cats
  16. Cati

    Huh. Picked up a top tier and wow, she's great. NAIR NAIR! UWU

    Huh. Picked up a top tier and wow, she's great. NAIR NAIR! UWU
  17. Cati

    Fall 2019 Collector's Chest Announced, Themed After Mewtwo Movie

    Probably 5 Crimson Invasion. UWU
  18. Cati

    Fall 2019 Collector's Chest Announced, Themed After Mewtwo Movie

    when you click on the armored mewtwo image to make it larger, and then you click again to make it smaller, it moves to a different position lol. UWU
  19. Cati

    'Cosmic Eclipse,' November's English Set!

    that etb's lookin' pretty hot. UWU