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  1. MasterGallade

    Collecting Complete Shining/Shiny Pokemon Card Database

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe anyone has created a complete list of every Shiny Pokemon card, and Bulbapedia's list is criminally empty. So, because collecting Shinys is my number one priority for my own personal collection, I finally decided to create my own complete checklist on...
  2. MasterGallade

    TCG Fakes Pokemon TCG: Neo World (Custom Template Fakes)

    (Pack Artwork TBD) POKEMON TCG: NEO WORLD Art & Design by MasterGallade / Avalon Designs I've been working on my own fake Pokemon card templates in Illustrator for awhile, and I already posted a few fake cards on my DeviantART account (MasterAvalon), but I finally decided to compile them here...
  3. MasterGallade

    Discussion Hidden Fates Partial Set List

    Well since Hidden Fates is probably my most hyped set EVER, I made a predictive set list while at work after the reveal of the first English cards from the set earlier :D The SV subset was pretty easy, no surprises there - but the main set is a little tricky. I assumed we'd be getting all the...
  4. MasterGallade


    So this is the deck I want to start using as my main deck for tournaments and such; it's based on the typical Fairy deck but using Yveltal-EX as the focus for attacking instead of Xerneas-EX, mostly because I love Yveltal more and I think he's a much better attacker than Xerneas-EX is. I also...
  5. MasterGallade

    Sigilyph Toolbox/Trubbish with Drifblim

    Pokemon - 12 4x Sigilyph PLB 4x Trubbish PLS 2-2x Masquerain PLB Trainers - 38 4x Silver Mirror 3x Silver Bangle 3x Rescue Scarf 3x Exp. Share 2x Float Stone 1x Rock Guard AS 4x Level Ball 3x Catcher 2x Bicycle 4x Juniper 3x Skyla 2x Caitlin 2x N 2x Colress Energy - 10 10x Psychic Strategy...
  6. MasterGallade

    What Was Your First LV.X?

    What was your very first Pokemon LV.X? Mine was Lucario. Please vote above. :)
  7. MasterGallade

    Artist Discussion Topic

    Who is your favorite card illustrator? Mine is Masakazu Fukuda because he drew all the * cards and I love how he makes the normal Pokemon seem like they're coming out of the card. Kouki Saitou comes close.
  8. MasterGallade

    Pokemon DP: Elemental Army (NEED FAKERS! 12 CARDS DONE!)

    ============================== The army is coming, and it's coming for you! Venture deep into a new region and discover Pokemon with the new Ominous Aura ability, which adds to a Pokemon's type, New Pokemon Lv. X, and many more new features! Can you capture and command your own Elemental...
  9. MasterGallade

    Pokemon DP: Chaotic Legends (My Fake Set ---> 30 Cards Total!)

    this is my set that would be in the DP format but i can't find DP blanks so it is in the EX format with some of the DP features like the weakness and resistance changes and so on (it also has both ex and LV.X). i've already made a few cards so here they are: 1: Mew 2: Gallade 3: Rotom 4...