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  1. Cati

    Help Want to do Expanded Regionals... What to play?

    What should I play expanded Competitive? I might go to an expanded regional but I don't know what's good! Pls Help! Thanks! UWU b
  2. Cati

    Event How Many People go to Regionals?

    Hey, I'm just getting into competitive play FOR REAL this year, and I've only been in the Collinsville Regionals, which people say is pretty big. How many people normally go to the regional championships for each division? Thanks! UWU - CatiWings
  3. Cati

    Help Going to League Cup on Sat, What Post-Rotation Deck Should I Play?

    Please help, I'm deciding on Reshizard, Pikarom, or Dark Box. I have a Lot March Beasts deck built just in case, but I'm open to all opinions. Thanks! UWU
  4. Cati

    Event Regionals Lasting 3 Days?

    Hey, can anyone tell me why some of the regionals (such as Tennessee) are for 3 days? Is that a bug? Cause if not, then I can't attend those because of school. Thanks! UWU
  5. Cati

    Help What Should I Play for USA Internationals?

    Yo! This is my first post and I wanted to know what should I be playing for the upcoming International Tournament in USA. I'm open to any decks no matter the cost. Thanks! UWU