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    Pockie Ninja

    This is my Pockie Ninja thread so everone that plays this game please post. Here, you can post formulas, post your favorite ways to level up, post fast ways to get stones or basically anything you want to post about Pockie NInja and if you dont play it but think you mioght want to start here is...
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    Fakemon help?

    Hello I am trying to make a fakemon dex right now and maybe post here if it is good enough but I have a few question and I am hoping these could be answered Is there a program I can download that will help me make sprites for my fakemon because I am a horrible drawer? If you know of one can...
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    Wifi subway help

    I need to know a good team for subway wifi battles cuz i really want to get a high rank and also can somebody tell me how to increase your rank because i have no idea how to get past rank 1 I know the team i am using right now is bad because it is all dragons but my team is Salamance...
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    3ds games?

    Hey i have a 3ds and i am completely clueless about what games Nintendo is planning on making for it so can you guys post what games will be made who knows it might help people that also dont know what games are going to be made. Some 3ds games i heard are being made are Kingdom Hearts Super...
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    Pokemon Ultimate Pokemon Tower Defense Trading: More shiny pokemon and Shiny Mew contest

    Hello this is my Pokemon Tower Defense trading thread here is a list of my Pokemon Shiny charizard level 36 Shiny Venasaur level 36 shiny Blastoise level 36 shiny Pidgeot level 36 shiny Mew level 36 shiny Golem level 36 shiny Arcanine level 36 shiny Golbat level 36 shiny Vipelume...
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon tower defense trading: with the best pokemon you could find

    Hello people i thought making a thread like this was a good idea although somebody already did that i still want to try this out here are my pokemon Shiny charizard level 36 Shiny Venasaur level 36 shiny Blastoise level 36 shiny Pidgeot level 36 shiny Mew level 36 shiny Golem level 36...
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    naruto fights

    Hey i'm a big fan of Naruto and i was wondering what fights do you think would be good but they cant be ones that have already been made such as Itachi vs Minato (that was just a random thing i made up it wouldn't be that good of a fight Minato would slaughter Itachi.
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    Pokemon favorit shiny pokemon

    Hey everybody i am kind of a shiny collector and i was kind of wondering what people would say if i asked them what their favorite shiny pokemon. So what are your favorite shiny pokemon? Mine are rayquaza and charizard
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    Pokemon pokemon tower defense codes

    I know there is already a thread about pokemon tower defense but this thread is specifically for codes. If you have any codes from the updates please post them here. Here are a few codes im gonna get shiny mew (code not known yet waiting for email) shiny pikachu (waiting for email) code to turn...
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    bruce lee or chuck norris

    Who do you think is a much better fighter chuck norris or bruce lee post your answer here
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    best pokemon? plz come to this thread and help me

    I have a question im kind of doing bad on wifi battles well not really only one person has been able to beat me but i just really want to beat him. This guy has never lost a pokemon battle to anyone on pokebeach. Here is my question what pokemon should i use for wifi battles make it look like...
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    BW/BW2 Free Pokemon

    I have many pokemon that people probably want so i decided to make my own events there is no catch you get the pokemon for free go to this thread to see pokemon i will be giving away This event is a legit shiny girantina level 100 (legit) so just ask me for it and you will get it i have a lot...
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    Wi-Fi Trades Adan15's Ultimate Trade Shop

    Adan15's Ultimate Trade Shop I hope many people use this thread. in this thread my rules are only shiny for shiny and normal pokemon for normal pokemon types dont matter when i say normal i mean unshiny. Hack policy: If I give you a pokemon that is hacked and i didn't mark it as hacked...