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  1. Gible06

    Discussion Expanded Gardevoir & Sylveon GX Lists for Portland

    I’ve been looking around for lists online but so many just seem to be meh. Anyone have any good ones? I’m feeling this may be a good play, although a bit linear. I’m still debating between this and turbo dark.
  2. Gible06

    Discussion Greninja & Zoroark GX in Expanded

    What seems to be the main consensus on G&Z lists? I’ve found a couple videos but not many updates with Unified Minds. I’m thinking about Portland regionals and see this as a great option. However I see it can fail to Keldeo GX fairly often and find it hard to beat any ideas on how to tech...
  3. Gible06

    Standard PCL-On Darkrai/Giratina/Garbodor Deck

    Pokemon: X2 Darkrai EX (BKP) X1 Umbreon EX (FTC) X2 Yveltal (GEN) X2 Giratina EX (AOR) X2 Trubbish (BKP) X2 Garbodor (BKP) X1 Hoopa EX (AOR) X2 Shaymin EX (ROS) Trainers: X2 Trainers' Mail (AOR) X4 VS Seeker (ROS) X4 Ultra Ball (FLF) X4 Max Elixir (BKP) X2 Fighting Fury Belt (BKP) X3 Float...
  4. Gible06

    Event Unofficial Meet Up

    im not sure if this is where I should put this so sorry if this is the wrong place. Anyone else out there wanting to go to worlds but can't now to the rule of no general public aloud? Anyone else who spent a lot of money to get to San Francisco but told that you wasted your money? Well...
  5. Gible06

    Event Side Events at Worlds?

    Is there still going to be side events at the world championships? And if do what would be some playable options.
  6. Gible06

    2016 World Championship Side Events Schedule

    I am wondering where I can find the 2016 world championships side event schedule.
  7. Gible06

    Discussion Raikou in Standard

    I'm wondering the best way to play Raikou in standard, I know there is Magnezone but I'm wondering if there is any other options. Does anybody have any good Raikou lists?
  8. Gible06

    Discussion Darkrai/Yveltal deck for Spring Regionals - how to deal with Jolteon-EX?

    I'm going to a spring regionals (without fates collide) I can't seem to be able to handle Jolteon ex and there's absolutly nothing I can do agaisnt it, any help is appreciated!!
  9. Gible06

    Expanded Speed Darkrai for Spring Regionals

    Pokemon: 3 Darkrai EX(bp) 1 Darkrai EX (dex) 2 Yveltal (gen) 1 Yveltal EX 2 Shaymin EX 1 Keldeo EX Trainers: 4 Ultra Ball 4 Trainers' Mail 4 VS Seeker 4 Battle Compressor 4 Max Elixar 4 Dark Patch 2 Fighting Fury Belt 1 Float Stone 1 Dowsing Machine (maybe computer search) 4 Professor...
  10. Gible06

    Expanded Seismitoad EX/Giratina EX For Regionals

    Pokemon: 4 Seismitoad EX 3 Giratina EX 3 Shaymin EX 1 Hoopa EX 1 Keldeo EX Trainers: 4 Ultra Balls 4 VS Seekers 4 Hypnotoxic Laser 3 Head Ringer 3 Super Scoop Up 3 Crushing Hammer 2 Float Stone 2 Muscle Band 2 Fighting Fury Belt 1 Enhanced Hammer 1 Dowsing Machine 4 Professor Juniper 2...
  11. Gible06

    Discussion Spring Regionals Decks

    since most cards that will be available during the spring regionals (excluding the last week of regionals) have already been released and been practice with, what decks will be popular? I'm going to Seattle regionals and conciderning darkrai variants and maybe a plasma deck! Would love to here...
  12. Gible06

    Expanded Team Plasma (Thundurus EX / Deoxys EX / Lugia EX)

    Pokemon: 2 Lugia EX (plasma) 2 Thundurus EX (plasma) 4 Deoxys EX 2 Kyurem (plasma) 1 Hoopa EX Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 4 Professors Juniper 4 Colress Machine 4 Team Plasma Ball 3 VS Seeker 3 Muscle Band 2 Trainers' Mail 2 Bicycle 1 N 1 Colress 2 Skyla 1 Lysandre 3 Skyfield 1 Professor's...
  13. Gible06

    Standard Darkrai EX / Yveltal

    Pokemon: 3 Yveltal EX 2 Darkrai EX 3 Yveltal 2 Zorua 2 Zoroark 1 Zoroark Break 2 Shaymin EX Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 4 VS Seeker 4 Max Elixir 4 Ultra Ball 3 Muscle Band 3 Trainers' Mail 2 Fighting Fury Belt 2 Float Stone 4 Professor Sycamore 2 Lysandre 1 Hex Maniac 1 Professor Birch's...
  14. Gible06

    Standard Vespiquen / Vileplume

    Pokemon: 4 Combee 4 Vespiquen (bee revenge) 3 Oddish 3 Gloom 3 Vileplume 4 Unkown 2 Shaymin 2 Eevee 1 Jolteon Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 3 Professor Sycamore 2 Lysandre 1 AZ 1 Hex Maniac 3 VS Seeker 3 Muscle Band 3 Ultra Ball 2 Level Ball 3 Battle Compressor 3 Trainers' Mail 3 Forest of...
  15. Gible06

    Worlds Tickets

    i was looking at the 2015 worlds side events and it said someone needs a certain amount of tickets to enter a side event tourney. Could someone tell me how one would get the tickets?
  16. Gible06

    Discussion N Reprint: its Effect on the Game

    What are every ones thought on N getting reprinted? What kind of impact do you think this will have on the meta? I'm personally excited.
  17. Gible06

    Ruling Regional Sleeves

    What are the rules on sleeves for regionals? I'm mostly interested in if I can use pure silver dragon shield sleeves. Thank you too all help in advance :)
  18. Gible06

    Expanded Yveltal EX / Gallade

    Pokemon: 2 Yveltal 3 Yveltal EX 1 Seismitoad EX 1 Darkrai EX (DEX) 1 Darkrai EX (bp) 1 Acheops 1 Keldeo EX 1 Shaymin EX 1 Exeggcute Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 3 Ultra Ball 3 VS Seeker 3 Trainers Mail 2 Acro Bike 2 Battle Compressor 3 Dark Patch 3 Muscle Band 4 Hypnotizic Laser 2 Float...
  19. Gible06

    Discussion What's better for Oregon Winter Regionals

    What's going to a better deck at Oregon regionals? Yveltal EX / Darkrai EX / Archeops or Night March / Breakpoint Garchomp? Both seem very good and everyone at my league either isn't expirenced or can't decide. And second what cards will be good from breakpoint at regionals? My friend likes...
  20. Gible06

    Expanded Seismitoad-EX/Archie's Empoleon List for Regionals

    I'm looking for a good Seismitoad ex and Archie's breakthrough Empoleon deck for Regionals. All help appreciated.