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  1. Rocket The Shellos

    News McDonalds Set 2017

    So Australia have the Pokemon happy meals at the moment which means a new card set to collect. dunno when the US will get it. Set list is here (finalised): 1: Rowlet 2: Grubbin 3: Litten 4: Popplio 5: Pikachu 6: Cosmog 7: Crabrawler 8: Alolan Meowth 9: Alolan Diglett 10: Cutiefly 11: Pikipek...
  2. Rocket The Shellos

    Any chance of Australia getting the 2015 McDonald's figures and promos?

    (put this in TCG news and discussion because these sets are usually a TCG promotion) Just wondering because whenever America gets a set like this, we do too (albeit reduced in size for some silly reason). It came out in November and it's now May. For collectors who are after the figure and...