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  1. Elray

    Expanded (Post-GDR) Yanmega BREAK + Garbodor (GDR)

    After being inspired by the Yanmega/Decidueye post, I decided to make my own Yanmega BREAK Deck. This is my current deck: I'm trying to integrate the new Garbodor into this deck because of how ridiculously good it is. My strategy would be to get Yanmega BREAK into play on turn 1 and set up...
  2. Elray

    Discussion How fast can you deck out?

    After getting over my habit of using Professor Sycamore too often, I got around to thinking: how fast can a player run through their deck? This is a purely hypothetical question, of course. So, in the best case scenario (most ideal draws each turn), what is the minimum number of turns it would...
  3. Elray

    Ruling [Unlimited] Invisible Wall Mr. Mime

    Mr. Mime's (Base Set 2 27/130) Pokemon Power makes it immune to damage from attacks if the attack is 30 damage or higher. If it is holding a Floral Crown (GEN RC26) and it is burned, does the healing occur before the burn damage is applied, or after?
  4. Elray

    Expanded Dual M Gardevoir-EX Deck

    Pokemon: (12) (2) Gardevoir-EX (PRC/GEN) (2) Gardevoir-EX (STS) (2) M Gardevoir-EX (PRC/GEN) (2) M Gardevoir-EX (STS) (1) Xerneas (STS) (1) Xerneas BREAK (STS) (1) Hoopa-EX (AOR) (1) Shaymin-EX (RS) Trainers: (36) (3) Gardevoir Spirit Link (3) Mega Turbo (4) Professor Sycamore (3) Skyla (4)...