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  1. MilesEX

    Discussion Next set release in Japan?

    I can't see any information on the next set for Japan, with Thunderclap being out for a week there I thought we would have some new info?
  2. MilesEX

    In Search Of [UK] W: PINS!!!

    So I love pins, specifically pokemon ones, if you have any in the UK or maybe Europe, let me know :)
  3. MilesEX

    Help UK Retailers Selling Guardians Rising?

    So I visited WHSmith today expecting them to have Guardians Rising packs, only to find they have no idea what they even are. These guys had posters up in the windows for Sun and Moon release ... GAME don't sell them either, had no idea what I was even talking about (surprised me). My local...
  4. MilesEX

    Help Bad card defects?

    So I bought a booster of Sun and Moon, and three of the uncommon cards had a pretty bad defect, the top part of the card had a white 2cm thick scratch like mark across the card, I was worried it was going to carry on through the pack but stopped after 3 (not that I got anything good anyway)...
  5. MilesEX

    Collecting What UK Retail are selling Sun and Moon Packs?

    So I want to nip into town tomorrow to pick up a couple of boosters, but I can't find any shops online (argos, tesco, whsmith) that seemingly sell them, at least online (I want to buy in store). Has anybody bought any in any UK shops yet?
  6. MilesEX

    Help Ever had pre orders come early?

    I've recently started collecting again after a 16+ year absence and I've pre ordered a sun moon booster box! I'm wondering if it's common to have them arrive before the release date??