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  1. s0ggy_waffles36

    Pikachu Illustrator Sells for Record $900,000, Now Most Expensive Pokemon Card Ever Sold!

    Celebrations already released and might be going out of print soon
  2. s0ggy_waffles36

    eBay Launches Mandatory Card Authentication Service for Pokemon and Other TCGs

    Who is Destroying the TCG? Are you referring to Logan Paul?
  3. s0ggy_waffles36

    Spring “V Heroes Tins” Revealed!

    Honestly, I prefer the European design and miss when they where like that in the U.S., too.
  4. s0ggy_waffles36

    “Morpeko V-UNION Collection” in April!

    Another Marie Box lol. Not complaining, it's jut this is her 4th one.
  5. s0ggy_waffles36

    Logan Paul’s ‘Base Set’ Case is Fake: Threats, Bribery, and Shady Behavior Down the Ladder

    Honestly, I think he deserved it. He's someone who only cares about the money.
  6. s0ggy_waffles36

    Magmar, Magmortar, Electabuzz, and Electivire from ‘Star Birth’!

    The art on the Magmar looks amazing
  7. s0ggy_waffles36

    Muk, Grimer, and Tropius from ‘Star Birth!’

    Shrieking Poison? Japan has the most odd names for attacks.
  8. s0ggy_waffles36

    New Dubwool and Wooloo from ‘CoroCoro’ Start 100 Decks!

    Wooloo is gonna be such a good deck
  9. s0ggy_waffles36

    More Images of ‘Pokemon TCG: Stacking Tins’ Revealed!

    The electric one looks so pretty! Hopefully they will do a dragon one, since dragon types are back
  10. s0ggy_waffles36

    New Morpeko V, Raikou V from ‘Start Deck 100’

    I think it will, due to stormy mountains and other things
  11. s0ggy_waffles36

    Snorunt from ‘VMAX Climax’

    We can all agree, this card is really bad. But i loooooooove the artwork
  12. s0ggy_waffles36

    Why Knot? — Going Green with Leafeon VMAX

    Honestly, i think that Leafeon Vmax isn't good. Grass knot is too much to set up, and thats not mentioning some decks which have low to no retreat cost, air balloon, and tower of waters. And max leaf is just not a good move with its low damage and low healing. If you wanted to play a healing...
  13. s0ggy_waffles36

    Galarian Mr. Rime V, Sylveon, Dry Seasoned Curry, and More Gym Promos Revealed!

    Spicy curry only really helps you for 2 turns, and then the burn damage just gets that damage back on in 2 turns. It may be good for things like Galarian Slowbro and other things of that nature. And Galarian Mr. Rime just seems like a filler pokemon V, just to add an extra pokemon v to the set.
  14. s0ggy_waffles36

    Metal Charizard and Pikachu Cards from ‘Celebrations’ Revealed!

    I am just worried about how much scalpers are gonna scalp the ultra premium collectio