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  1. GymLdrJesse

    Help Deck Lists/Suggestions for Kids Trying to Play Post Format?

    A bunch of new kids showed up at my league and I feel bad because they have garbage decks. I told them about the new format and wanted some deck lists or suggestions for them to start building a cheap, easily accessible deck. I'm focused on worlds format or I would sit down and come up with some...
  2. GymLdrJesse

    Help Good Deck for Teaching the Game?

    Hey there, I will be teaching a couple people how to play the TCG and was wondering a good deck to put together that would be easy to play and teach a lot of aspects of the game? Maybe 2 suggestions would be good so i can have them play each other. Ty in advance!
  3. GymLdrJesse

    Help Playing Gardevoir (Mirror Match Advice)

    So I finally decided to hop on the Gardy wagon and would like some advice on the deck in general. I know the mirror match is super important to learn. Here are some questions (I am running Gallade, Octillery & Sylveon) 1. In the mirror, what are you looking to do? Are you only attacking when...
  4. GymLdrJesse

    Standard Xerneas BREAK!

    Hello friends, I wanted to discuss Xerneas BREAK and how it fits in today's meta. This list comes from one of the top players at Bremen Regionals. I ran this at my league last week and went 4-0 and have been having a lot of success on PTCGO. My favorite aspect of this deck is how consistent it...
  5. GymLdrJesse

    Standard Buzzwole GX Rush (Anti-Evo Deck)

    Hello friends! I very rarely make my own decklists but Buzzwole has me excited at the moment. (strategy listed below) **WILL BE EDITING THIS PERIODICALLY This deck has been performing well for me at the moment. It really stands out against stage 2 decks like gardevoir: Here are some...
  6. GymLdrJesse

    Discussion League Cup Recap (Metagross/Necrozma)

    Hello friends, I saw some people posting their league cup results recently and thought I would share mine. I went to my first ever League Cup over the weekend and ended up making top cut out of 83 participants! (eventually ending 6th place) The deck I chose to run was metagross/necrozma...
  7. GymLdrJesse

    Standard Salazzle-GX/Ho-Oh Deck w/ Acerola

    So I have been playing with this list currently ##Pokémon - 14 * 3 Ho-Oh-GX BUS 131 * 2 Salandit GRI 15 * 2 Salazzle-GX BUS 25 * 1 Turtonator-GX GRI 18 * 1 Volcanion STS 25 * 3 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60 * 2 Volcanion-EX STS 26 ##Trainer Cards - 32 * 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130 * 3 Choice Band GRI...
  8. GymLdrJesse

    Standard Adapting Golisopod/Garbodor for Post Rotation

    Hey all! This will be my first post on Pokebeach. I was playing the Golisopod/Zoroark variant for awhile and it was great but after seeing the Garbodor variant place 2nd at Worlds, I decided to try it out. Well from my experience it turns out to be the more favorable variant, but I am wondering...
  9. GymLdrJesse

    Standard Deck suggestions (and meta explanation) for returning player

    Hello, I used to play tcg back when mewtwo ex came out in the black/white era. Can someone explain what the meta is like now? Like what tech cards do most decks use, what decks are being played, etc.. I know the format is being rotated soon, so some post-rotation decks that are not super...
  10. GymLdrJesse

    What's a Good, Cheap Deck to Make for a Returning Player?

    I'm coming back into the tcg after some time. (last set i played in was Next Destinies) so what is a good deck to build that is relatively cheap that i can buy on trollandtoad and take to some tournys?
  11. GymLdrJesse

    Expanded Fairy Big Basics (Xerneas / Aromatisse)

    Hello, I am a returning tcg player and i've been away from the metagame for awhile now. I was wondering if this decklist is still in any way good or if any of the cards have been rotated out already. Pokemon: 2-2 Aromatisse 1 Mr. Mime 1 Terrakion 3 Xerneas 2 Xerneas EX 1 Mewtwo EX 1 Victini EX...