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  1. The Ultimate Umbreon

    Fun What Pokémon should be used in the new "Tag Team GX" mechanic?

    We have just seen the new Tag Team GX revealed at Worlds, showing us Pikachu and Zeckrom GX as our first card from an unamed 2019 set. So, what other pair of Pokémon should share a card as part of Tag Team GX? My hope is having Solgaleo and Lunala Tag Team GX
  2. The Ultimate Umbreon

    Pokemon What Pokemon are Overused?

    There are many Pokemon but it seems like some see more light than others... Starting off here, a recent entry in Bewear. He shows up every other episode in the SM anime and has seen a ton of TCG attention.
  3. The Ultimate Umbreon

    Discussion Pokemon TCG Ultra prism! Thoughts and predictions

    A new set is on the horizon so lets predict about what it will have!
  4. The Ultimate Umbreon

    Discussion The Future of the TCG

    We are seeing a ton of new things for the TCG right now, so what does it all mean for the games future?