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  1. Robert Fuchs

    Discussion Dolls vs Ultra Malamar

    Trying to find a way to win with Ultra Malamar vs Dolls... tried putting Blacephalon CEC up right away and spreading 40, but they get Sky Pillar out. I put my Viridian Forest on top but a few turns later they put Sky Pillar back in their deck and get Sky Pillar out again. They usually play...
  2. Robert Fuchs

    Standard Malamar deck techs

    Is Chimecho still a good tech for Malamar decks w/Giratina and Ultra Necrozma? Good against ZoroRoc... usually lightning decks though are already set up before you Silence the Bell (they probably already put down their Tapu Koko prism and Zeraroa) Thoughts? Other option would be to take the...
  3. Robert Fuchs

    News Zekrom hyper rare and full art tournaments in Japan

    Visiting Japan and came across two different pre-release style tournaments. One is 16 max players and the 1st place prize is full art Zekrom GX (only 1000 printed) and another one is 32 max players and 1st place prize is Zekrom GX hyper rare (only 100 printed). Played in the hyper rare one...
  4. Robert Fuchs

    Discussion Ultra Necrozma Malamar decks

    Trying to strengthen my deck against Zoro-Roc, and also attacking Hoopa. For Zoro-Roc, I feel it's slighlty unfavorable. To win what I do is avoid benching Dawn Wings Necrozma GX, and get Ultra Necrozma down with Malamars and use Guzmas and float stones to cycle the Ultra Necrozmas and hit for...
  5. Robert Fuchs

    Discussion Maximizing Brigette Odds

    Trying to maximize the odds of hitting Brigette in my Necrozma - Malamar deck, with some priority on hitting the "natural" Brigette. (also need the cards later for pulling Malamars too) I've got 9 spaces in my deck for this so I am playing 3 Brigette, 4 Mysterious Treasure, 1 Ultra Ball, 1...
  6. Robert Fuchs

    Ruling Lunala GX Rules Question

    If a rainbow energy / unit energy / counter energy or any energy that can be a psychic energy is attached to a Pokemon, can it be moved around with Lunala GX ability? I think it can since once it's attached it is a psychic energy.
  7. Robert Fuchs

    Help Unit Energy Question

    Hi Rules question here. Suppose you have a unit energy LPM one attached to a Necrozma GX, and you use it's attack where it says discard all P energy attached to this card. Also suppose you have 2 more basic P energies attached to it. When you do this attack, is it up to you if the unit...
  8. Robert Fuchs

    Help Looking for a good Lonzoroark player on PCTGO

    Have a kind of a rogue deck that I played in Costa Mesa Regionals and went 3-3-3, but did not have enough disruptive cards in it... tweaked it and want to try to play a decent Lonzoroark deck on PCTGO. That's the deck I had most trouble with. Thanks!
  9. Robert Fuchs

    Expanded Trevenant BREAK Deck Help

    Hi Been playing this Trevenant Break deck online in Expanded. It's been wonderful, but has some weaknesses. Pros: is awesome if you go first, can Wally to item lock high percentage of the time, and my twist on it is if I can get out Silent Lab then I get item and basic Pokemon ability lock...
  10. Robert Fuchs

    Standard Gardy Deck, Heavy On Pokemon

    Playing this Gardy deck that is heavy on the Pokemon, basically want to make sure I can always get a Lele, Octillery or Gallade from my deck, and also play 2 Diancie to increase chance I start off with one Don't play float stone, one tool I could use sometimes I like the max potions... have...