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  1. Raven Zombie

    Hisuian Typhlosion Promo Giveaway at Gamestop!

    lol, these are always hilarious to me... the Ft Wayne stores always claim that they cant do promos, the entire corona time... also they only order enough product to fulfill preorders and never stock anything.
  2. Raven Zombie

    More ‘Pokemon GO’ Cards: Melmetal VMAX, Legendary Birds, Ditto Peeling Mechanic, and More!

    Thats what i was thinking, but that should have been a Smeargle card then, lol. or maybe makethe same pic, 2 seperate cards, since the photobomb Smeargle gets the moves of the mon in the pic... ooohhhh that is why... or the Smeargle could have had the Ditto Ability without the peel?
  3. Raven Zombie

    ‘Pokemon TCG Back to School’ Pencil Case and Eraser Blisters Revealed!

    Meh... are there pencils in the pencil case? lol, they took them out of the Collectors Chests.
  4. Raven Zombie

    KFC Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott Promos to Release in Japan

    not around my area... hell, my towns BK hasnt done toys in years, . so we never got the Detective Pikachu ones... Wendys did toys atleast once, durring gen3. i liked the kecleon keychain.
  5. Raven Zombie

    Release Lineup for First Wave of ‘Pokemon GO’ Products Revealed!

    are we sure that those are the 'special collections' and not the 'pin collections'? also, is there nothing scheduled for june/US ... period?
  6. Raven Zombie

    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    forgot to post my eeveelution Vstar pulls... i dont think there was anything great... todays pulls... nothin great, mostly fire Single Pack - tg Dusknoir, and non holo rare Forces of Nature 2pack - VV green code/FS Cinderace Vmax FA glaceon 3pack - tg alcremie/bosses orders/Drampa V leafeon...
  7. Raven Zombie

    “Pokemon GO” TCG Product Lineup Revealed!

    too bad it is for July, and not April... id say, April Fools, they are all KOs
  8. Raven Zombie

    “Astral Radiance” English Set and Products Officially Revealed!

    so, you have summed up most of the year in TCG. what happened to the Pokemon GO set? ya think its just gonna be a little 25 card subset? edit - BAM i was a day off, lol
  9. Raven Zombie

    “Lost Origin,” August’s SWSH11 Set!

    Im too lazy to look it up, also making conversation, did Lost Thunder include the Lost Zone?
  10. Raven Zombie

    Pokemon Presents Announced for Sunday!

    Lets Go is freaking dead... get over it. -Detective Pika2 (the game) also mention of a second movie -Pokemon Sleep -Legends: Ho-Oh or Celebi -Home connectivity to BDSP and PLA -the DLC, i mentioned before Arceus was released. the BDSP and PLA data merges, and we get an alternate present day Sinnoh.
  11. Raven Zombie

    PTCG Live Will Make It Insanely Affordable to Build Pokemon TCG Decks!

    so, do all the PTCGO cards get transferred, and do the old codes still work for the new version?
  12. Raven Zombie

    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    just picked up some BS stuff... Prerelease box - Moltres promo, Torterra/Infernape deck. 4 packs in the buildnbattle box - Ultra Ball SR, Mustards rapid strike Urshifu vmax fa (in the reverse holo spot) 3 packs came with the bnb box - all white codes glaceon 3pack - Aggron vmax fa leafeon 3pack...
  13. Raven Zombie

    American Version of “Arceus V Figure Collection” Revealed!

    the original post says this item is April 22, not May 6... is that just a regional dif, or a mistake?
  14. Raven Zombie

    Arceus Spring Collector’s Chest Revealed!

    from how i read it, the $25 lunchbox in may is a normal tin. the $30 box, in march is a box, with the same contents but 2 more battle styles packs :( and no mini portfolio...
  15. Raven Zombie

    Hisuian Growlithe and Feather Ball Distribution at GameStop!

    what is the point of this? does it have a special move? is it even in a cherish ball? it should be shiny at least... sigh...
  16. Raven Zombie

    ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Set to Release in June!

    this is literally what i was going to post... everything aside from the Willow promo, that has GO on it is KO trash. so this is a bad, unwanted idea. unless the trainers are Go characters, and the pokemon are all costumes, shadow, purified. id really like some trainer owned pokemon. Dream...
  17. Raven Zombie

    “V Heroes Tin” American Versions Revealed!

    arent the US ones $25?
  18. Raven Zombie

    Logan Paul’s ‘Base Set’ Case is Fake: Threats, Bribery, and Shady Behavior Down the Ladder

    my gut says this is entirely fake, by Paul, would it help to fingerprint the gi joe packs?
  19. Raven Zombie

    New ‘Collector Bundle’ in March Featuring ‘Legends: Arceus’ Starters!

    as cool as a 'Metallic' coin that isnt Metal. and since its not in the promo pic, it probably wont be a new arceus coin, probably one of the old ones of the starters... Rowlett's is colorless because flying is colorless. im not sure on the other 2