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  1. Pokémon Spears

    “Brilliant Stars” Hobby Store Freebies: Massive Posters, Mouse Pads, and More!

    great, I found the poster on a Mexican online store, there were only 4 left! I had to buy an Elite Trainer Box in order to add it as a gift though, hope they send it in good condition. I got the Astral Radiance so I'll have to wait until it comes out
  2. Pokémon Spears

    “Brilliant Stars” Hobby Store Freebies: Massive Posters, Mouse Pads, and More!

    I NEED this poster! The last one I have is from the USUM era, but since they don't print strategy guides anymore or the Pokédex, I guess this will be the only way to get this poster, but I don't even know how am I supposed to get it? Which stores are gonna be giving this?
  3. Pokémon Spears

    Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, and Temple of Sinnoh from S10!

    It feels dystopian to me to see people more excited about a stadium than Legendary Pokémon cards, but I guess that's the difference between those that actually play the game, and those of us that only collect the Pokémon. When I open my boosters I just put away in a pile all the trainer cards...
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    All “Battle Region” Cards Revealed: New Hisuian Pokemon Debut!

    Is so random to see Jynx there, but I don't complain, I love all of her cards. I wish she was on Legends
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    Aggron VMAX and Granbull V from ‘Start Deck 100’ Revealed!

    I need more "normal"-ish Pokémon in that sort of 3D artwork like Granbull. I want Seaking, Parasect, Xatu, Whirlipede, Purugly, etc
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    Eternatus VMAX Character Rare from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    I've collected them for years just because it's like one of the ways to get every or most Pokémon besides videogames (and more "affordable" than figures, and still I'm not sure if there's a figure for every Pokémon), but lately the art just keeps getting better and better, like even the lamest...
  7. Pokémon Spears

    Katy Perry V, Post Malone V, and J Balvin V Pokemon Cards Officially Revealed!

    I mean, I guess they're cool for the artists if they received a physical copy of them, but they don't even look nothing like them, and they don't look like Pokémon human characters either. Maybe Post Malone looks a little bit like the real one.
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    “Evolving Skies” Pokemon Center ETBs Come with Eevee Pin and Eeveelution Coin!

    So I managed to put it on the cart, then when trying to finish my purchase, it said an error occurred. Then I refreshed the page and tried again. Same result. Refreshed again and now I'm IP banned TIL I AM a robot after all
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    'Hoopa and the Clash of Ages' to Air on Cartoon Network in December!

    I haven't watched the movie yet, but judging by the Diancie one, I can imagine what to expect. The battle between Yveltal and Xerneas (if we can call it a battle), did it really stop just because of Xerneas looking at it? I just couldn't believe it the first time I watched it. The first one...