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  1. ashtavakra

    Are These Cards Real or Fake?

    RE: Base Gyarados Error? it looks like it's just in bad condition to me... foil on older cards tends to curdle. that's what i see. there is evidence of this if you look on the right hand side edge of the card, the foil is curdling there as well. just an old, poor condition card to me.
  2. ashtavakra

    TCG Artists You'd Like to See More Art From

    RE: TCG Artists You'd like to see more art from? whoever did the art from the Ereader era. That group or artists blew me away. Best art in the tcg ever imo.
  3. ashtavakra

    Rebirth of Ho-oh

    Aerodactyl FTW or Just laser?
  4. ashtavakra

    Indiana Regionals DQ & Philly

    I was at this regionals, and I will say this. The consensus was that this dude got in the 5-4-4 kid's face and then was in his mother's face about this issue and to my observation that was the reasoning for his DQ. I was in the room seconds after all this happened and multiple people told me...
  5. ashtavakra

    Different Ways The Community Gets/Buys Pokemon Cards

    The cheapest way to do things is to playtest your lists online & in person at leagues with proxies. Then once you are finally comfortable with an entire list, buy that deck from ebay or somewhere else from singles. The packs and all that are only worth it if you have the extra money to blow and...
  6. ashtavakra

    (1) Rules Changes Coming with X/Y TCG [9/27]

    Everybody in this thread is speculating cards getting stronger, I entertain the thought that this is the turning point that evolutions will begin to be a dominant force in the TCG. Not being able to attack on the first turn most likely has NOTHING to do with the fact that more powerful cards...
  7. ashtavakra

    Old Format Strategies

    Haymaker was good until the Neo generation came around. There were LOTS of strategies, these are just ones that I can remember. Base set - gyms ear there was: (Monthly type era) Haymaker Alakazam/Tentacool Wigglytuff & Clefable & Ditto decks Some decks ran Fossil Muk, others Fossil...
  8. ashtavakra

    Collecting The English Booster Box "Pull Rates" Thread

    Pull Rates on Catcher REprint Does anybody have a legit pull rate on catchers vs booster box? I was hoping at least 4+
  9. ashtavakra

    (1) All 'EX Battle Boost' Scans and Translations!

    That artwork on this set.... Not a single bad looking card... the glorious artwork...
  10. ashtavakra

    What do you think the next rotation is?

    I'm going to say it's DRX on. Juniper & Cheren have both been reprinted in more recent sets. The only good cards that a rotation with DRX would leave out to my knowledge would be DCE, heavy & level, prism, & rare candy. Now we know that rare candy is being reprinted it only makes perfect...
  11. ashtavakra

    Best Metagame in your opinon?

    RE: Favorite Metagame All these players talking about recent formats. Where are the true vets at? Neo Genesis -> Skyridge was the greatest format. 2003 Format. There wasn't a single deck that was truly greater than any other deck in that era.
  12. ashtavakra

    Ah, I thank you for that. Well I didn't mean to completely insult anybody. It is just a...

    Ah, I thank you for that. Well I didn't mean to completely insult anybody. It is just a commonly shared and under the table conversation that there a quite a few mods/meds that completely abuse their privileges. And I have spoken with some other members that ultimately avoid parts of this...
  13. ashtavakra

    New Mod/Med Rule

    Here's an example of my anger with some of the admin on this website. I am currently unsure where to post, because I'm certain this thread will get closed immediately because a majority of the admin on this site suck at doing their jobs. For lack of better terms. "You have received a...
  14. ashtavakra

    [and Fun] Sigilyph Toolbox

    Add in a 1-1 at least of that pokemon that can return tools to your hand as you like. Mesqurin? Or something like that... It's a stage 1 in that set.
  15. ashtavakra

    Jumbo Cards

    I know where to get an uncut sheet of all the Fossil Holos, it's been framed in a picture frame also. I think it's around $200. But my local card shop "Yeti Gaming" in St Louis has 1 of those Sneasels. You can't actually grasp how big they are until you are right next to one. Lol... Huge..
  16. ashtavakra

    Jumbo Cards what about those Sneasels? LOL! Those have GOT to be pricey.
  17. ashtavakra

    Jumbo Cards

    I know that Crystal Charizard is worth a fair amount. But unsure, they REALLY need to bring back box toppers.
  18. ashtavakra

    Keldeo EX question

    float stone away. keldeo gets rid of your active with any special condition or active lock in any way. float stone away.
  19. ashtavakra

    Ruling Mime/Cacturne

    Cacturne – Grass – HP90 Stage 1 – Evolves from Cacnea [G] Quickdraw Needle: 60 damage. This attack does 30 damage to one of your Pokemon (don’t apply Weakness and Resistance to Benched Pokemon). Mr. Mime – Psychic – HP70 Basic Pokemon Ability: Bench Barrier Prevent all damage done to...
  20. ashtavakra

    Landorus or Registeel For Spreading In Dusknoir?

    This thread was from a long time ago, when Landorus had first came out.