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  1. Merovingian

    Discussion Front Page Articles

    Hey everyone! For those who do not know, I’m one of the head of the PokeBeach Premium Article Program. It’s no news that the COVID-19 crisis has throws the Pokémon world out of place; events are cancelled and unsure how long it’s going to last and effects it could have for future tournaments...
  2. Merovingian

    In Search Of [US] specific Secret Rares & Pokemon Trading Figure Game materials

    I'm looking to cement the max rarity Energy section of my casual deck, and I'm looking for the following: - 4 - SR Lana's Fishing Rod - 3 - SR Draw Energy - 2 - SR Recycle Energy - 1 - SR Counter Energy I am also looking to start collecting the OLD Pokemon Trading Figure game. I'm just...
  3. Merovingian

    Wi-Fi Trades Looking for Shuckle and Klefki

    I'm REALLY late to the VG party, just got Ultra Moon and I'm trying to build a team. The only ones I can't get in game are Shuckle and Klefki. I'll have do work on IV and EV breeding and whatnot. But at the very bare minimum, I need these two goofballs. Not sure how the trading works on VG...
  4. Merovingian

    Expanded Three Strikes Yikes! (Slowbro/Victini) (For Seniors)

    Ok. So it's a bit too early to tell as of yet, but my daughter wants to pick the game back up again, but will only play decks that fit the following criteria: - Is it annoying? - Is it embarassing to lose against? She is a control player at heart and has played a $50 Wailord EX control deck...
  5. Merovingian

    "Knock Off" Shock Lock — Post-Dallas Rogue Profile and Recap

    A new story has just been posted to PokéBeach's front page: "Knock Off" Shock Lock — Post-Dallas Rogue Profile and Recap Posts you make after this point will immediately appear on the front page and vice versa. Discuss!
  6. Merovingian

    Discussion Bootleg Shock Lock (Expanded)

    Better late than never. Took this to Dallas with a 5-3-1 finish. POKEMON: 16 - 4 - Pikachu (promo, 70 HP version) - 4 - Raichu (BUS) - 3 - Sableye (DEX) - 2 - Jirachi-EX - 2 - Girafarig (LOT) - 1 - Mr. Mime (Bench Barrier) TRAINERS: 36 - 4 - Professor Sycamore - 3 - N - 3 - Faba - 2 - Skyla...
  7. Merovingian

    Discussion Dallas Regional Day 1: what do you want your 9 rounds to look like?

    Everyone is bringing the spice...or Zoroark. Or both. I don’t know. What do you want your 9 rounds of Day 1 at Dallas look like, without revealing what you’re playing? I, no joke, want 9 rounds of Zoroark-GX
  8. Merovingian

    Trades [US ONLY] Merovingian's Trade-porium!

    RULES: 1. I send cards in sleeves and toploaders in bubble mailers. I expect the same courtesy. 2. Cards I list are mint to near mint unless they are otherwise specified. 3. I am willing to buy, provided you are a Pokebeach approved seller. Just let me know. 4. For finding secondary value, I...
  9. Merovingian

    Alt. Format Fan Service/Pikachu.dec (Deck for new players/kids to use) mk:3

    Here's the story. I've been running a League since April and I'm on a quest for "the best fan service for new player deck possible". I'm currently working on the 3rd big revision. Initially, I tried to cram as many references in the show as I could: Pikachu, Team Rocket, Legendaries...
  10. Merovingian

    Expanded Unown HAND FTK - *FREE ARTICLE*

    I've edited enough articles to the point to where I'm thinking, "hey! I know the deal and can write one of these, easy-peasy!" Then I remembered that I ended the season with 40 CP, bombed Dallas Regional with 1-4-1; and that because of my super low seniority on the PokeBeach staff, I'm the one...
  11. Merovingian

    Alt. Format Fan-service Mk: 2

    I'm a T.O. for a local Pokemon League and I built as deck that kids/newer players can use that utilize cards that'll peak their interest by using recognizable characters from the cartoon or video games. Here's what the early version looked like back in March: POKÉMON: 16 - 4 - Pikachu (SHL...
  12. Merovingian

    News 2018-19 regional listings

    regionals are up on Poké! Of note, Denver DOES get a regional, but it’s TCG ONLY!
  13. Merovingian

    Discussion Malamar Builds (SUM-on)

    I am curious if anyone has tried experimenting with Malamar / Necrozma-GX/Ultra Necrozma-GX builds for post rotation? With the loss of Max Elixir and Professor Sycamore, is the deck going to have trouble setting up early game? Is Sophocles/TV Reporter the replacement for Sycamore? How is...
  14. Merovingian

    Alt. Format Electric Mouse New Player Deck (Plusle/Minun/Raichu GX)

    Okay. I’m trying to construct a fun, but effective deck for super new/relatively new players to use and learn the game during Pokémon Leagues. I’m not a fan of starter decks. The trainers kits are a step up, but I think it could be better. Basically, I want to put as much ‘fan service’ in...
  15. Merovingian

    Standard SUM-on - MK Ultra Beasts

    POKÉMON: 14 - 4 - Pheromosa GX - 3 - Poipole - 3 - Naganadel GX - 3 - Pheromosa (has free retreat, attack is GGC for 90, but does 90 more of you have 1 prize left) - 1 - Nihilego GX TRAINERS: 35 - 4 - Ultra Recon Squad - 4 - Professor Kukui - 3 - Acerola - 3 - Judge/Peeking Red Card - 2 -...
  16. Merovingian

    Expanded Pheromosa GX Donk

    Okay, so after yet another poor run of running Sylveon and being beaten due to time constraints. I’m going to go in the polar opposite direction and head my efforts towards a donk deck. POKÉMON: 4 - 4 - Pheromosa GX TRAINERS: 48 - 3 - Ghetsis - 3 - Professor Sycamore - 3 - Silent Lab - 4 -...
  17. Merovingian

    Expanded Sylveon Control

    POKÉMON: 7 - 4 - Eevee - 3 - Sylveon GX TRAINERS: 41 - 3 - Team Flare Grunt - 2 - Guzma - 2 - Acerola - 2 - Xerosic - 1 - N - 1 - Skyla - 1 - Team Rocket's Handiwork - 1 - Plumeria - 1 - Gladion - 3 - Fairy Garden - 4 - Max Potion - 4 - Puzzle of Time - 4 - Level Ball - 4 - Target Whistle - 3...
  18. Merovingian

    Help Retreating Using Mystery Energy

    I need a ruling on Mystery Energy. I have a Psychic Trevenant active...the annoying item lock one; 3 to retreat. On it I have a Psychic Energy and a Msytery Energy. What happens when I retreat it? - do I discard only the Mystery energy, since it cuts 2 off retreat cost and that it could also...
  19. Merovingian

    Help Trying to prepare for regional. Losing my head.

    I’m going to the regional next month. I’ve been trying to prepare and play test like crazy in preparation for it. Except I’m now convinced that nothing I have built will work at all and I’ll be a nervous wreck and just not enjoy the experience overall. I mean, I just went to a tournament on...
  20. Merovingian

    Trades [USA ONLY] I Need....Things H: Other Things

    0.All pokebeach rules apply 1. Ref rule 2. My thread you make first offer 3. I will not ship out of country 4. If your card is not mint or near mint please let me know, still may be acceptable with pictures to show card condition. Also will provide pictures of card conditions upon request. 5...