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    XY What should the difficulty be of future games?

    Now that we have the hard setting in black 2 and white 2 should they keep that setting? Also should they make it available from the beginning? Or should they just make the game more challenging? Personally I would want a setting that makes the computers actually competitively hard, as if you...
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    Underrated games

    We all have that game that we love and no one else has heard of. What is yours? Lets share some underrated games so that they can be more well known. For me...right now Crash 'N' Burn I forget how I got this game...I tried to rack my brain to remember where it came from but I don't really...
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    Poison Leaves (Leafeon, and stuff)

    So I have always liked CL/UD Leafeon (The CL one looks better than the UD one :P). The first attack has always interested me. The problem is stacking all the special conditions on there. Well this is where a couple of techs come in. This one has been Leafeon's partner from the...
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    Ruling Ditto Fossil

    So hypothetical stuff here...since I like playing unlimited sometimes 1) I have Ditto as my active and they have Dragonite as there active AND on there bench. Now my ditto has 90 on it. They retreat to there other Dragonite...does my active Ditto get KOed since for that time Dragonite wasn't...
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    Ruling garchomp x question

    i just thought of this ok so... i restore a stage 1 and put it on my bench. technically the stage 1 is a basic now so wouldnt you not be able to play a BS stage 2 on it because it says evolves from a stage 1? i know it sounds like a dumb question but it would come up playing unlimited ;D
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    Best and worst Primes

    well now with the official death of the prime and reviving of the EX we can now ask...what were the best and worst? this thread has nothing to do with the fact that the best and worst EX thread was revived for no reason :P for me the best: magnezone the worst: blissey
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    Ruling dice question

    could you have NOT see through dice as damage counters and then see through ones as randomizers?
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    Archeops with a bunch of different things :D

    so aerodactyl I MEAN archeops is coming soon...BUT what should go with it? Ability: Prehistoric Power While this Pokemon is in play, no player can play a Pokemon from their hand to evolve his or her Pokemon. we dont need the attack :P so im thinking of this ability it hit me GOOD...
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    Ruling Onix and Rainbow Energy

    what happens if i attach rainbow energy to an onix with only 10 HP left? would it be KOed or would it still have 10 HP left?
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    Ruling Another Mew Prime Question

    another thing i see is this if Beartic attacks Mew Prime with sheer cold...would mew prime still be able to use an attack from the LZ since its using its body instead of an attack?
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    A little something different...SpeedToad

    just to let you know...yes this deck works but i want it to work BETTER (as in...faster) Pokemon 4-4-3/1 Politoed UL/ Poliwrath 3-2-3 Feraligatr Prime 4 Mantine T/S/S 4 Collector 4 PONT 4 PokeBall 4 Candy 4 Communication 2 Junk Arm Energy 4 DCE 10 {W} idea of this deck you ask? WELL you rush...
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    Ruling Special Conditions and Mew Prime

    if Mew Prime becomes paralyzed or asleep can it still use the pokemon in the LZ's attacks? i would think so since you are just using a body and not an attack
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    Ruling Luvdisc and Solrock

    ok i attack my opponent with luvdisc with its distorted wave BUT i have a lunatone and solrock on my bench what happens? does the attack fail or do you just not remove the damage counters?
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    browsing some cards for rouge deck ideas...i came up with this Exeggutor and to get the energy Emboar just 4 energy and you could do 120 which is great. get a big amount on and you can do ALOT of damage...unless your unlucky. sure its a luck deck but if you can pull it off it could...
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    Ruling Damage placement and +Power

    *sigh* friend is so argumentative if i use a move that places damage counters such as curse droplets and i play Pluspower you would place 5 damage counters right? edit: thank goodness for this section...proves that i know what im talking about :P
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    Banette TM

    bear with me on this idea...its about to get really rouge. Banette ive seen this card and have been trying to get some for a deck idea. make your opponent draw mass amounts and do lots of damage quick and consistently. but the problem is getting cards in there hand thus i have some ideas...
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    Ruling Shuckle and Ampharos

    ok this situation just happened to me. i have a Shuckle with 50 damage on it now my opponent has an ampharos prime on there bench i attach an energy to the shuckle to use fermenting liquid. would i be able to or would i be knocked out before i get to use it?
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    Ruling Magnezone and another thought on fail searching

    two questions this time...well a new thought on communication and a magnezone one my friend will NOT believe me on this. you MUST draw till you have 6 when you use magnetic draw correct? he constantly only draws 1 or 2 when he only has 1 card in his hand i know i already got my...
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    Ruling Fail searches?

    what cards out of the ones that i list can you fail search? i would think because your deck is not public knowledge but idk i would think that it would be the same as bebe's search ....i thought there was one more. ill edit if there is edit: now that i think about it cant you not fail...
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    Flip Frog

    SO I HERD YOU LIEK FLIPPING COINZ. yep thats what this deck idea is about. swarm water pokemon then flip till your hand falls off. so i was thinking of some things to do with this and here is what i think this works perfect in this deck. you set up a politoad then just retreat it...