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    What Books are You Reading & What Do You Like About Them? Book Reviews Encouraged!!

    Like the title says,what are you reading? Right now I'm reading Warriors. Great book series.
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    U/E's Amazing Banners and Avatars!(Avys to be added)

    Hello and welcome to U/E's Amazing Banners and Avatars! Here I will post banners and avatars made by me,for you to use them! Everyday I will make a new one,or more. RULES!!! READ NOW!!!! Oh,um,sorry. Anyway,here are the rules! 1.To use these banners and avatars,you must tell me what number...
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    Pokemon Names in the Pokemon games

    Do you think that something in Pokemon has a weird,cool,or whatever name? For Ex.: there is a trainer in the Battle Frontier named Gaspar. When you go to Snowpoint City in D/P/P, there is a trainer who will trade you her Gengar named Gaspar. Pokemon names that I think are weird are Alomonola. I...
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    Intense Voltage [Electivire,Luxray,and Ampharos] (Unlimited)

    Hi everybody! I made a deck today,and I wanted to know,what other people thought of it. Pokemon 2 Electivire(D/P)3/100 (SW) 25/132 4 Electabuzz(SW) 87/132 2 Great Ampharos(HG/SS) 105/123 2 Ampharos(SW)1/132 4 Flaaffy(SW)50/132 4 Marrep (SW) 94/132 1 Luxray(Arceus)5/99 2...
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    The Prank Thread!

    Not sure if this should go in the Casual Discussion Thread,but... Welcome to the Prank Thread! Here you can post awesome prank ideas,pranks that you pulled on someone,videos,or all of the above! Here's one I pulled on April 1st on my brother: My brother had been working on his school paper for...
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    Pokemon Glitch Pokemon

    Have you ever gotten a glitch Pokemon? Like a Pokemon you know you've never caught, or a basic level 100,or has moves that it can't learn,or all of the above. For example,my brother was checking his PC box when he found a level 100 Gulpin with some crazy moves. I remember one move was...
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    Pokemon Ranger RPG *First mission! Map on front post!*

    Hello and welcome to The Pokemon Ranger RPG! In this RPG you and other fellow Rangers will get 1 partner Pokemon,do missions together, foil the evil Team Sinister's plans,and much more!Now for the plot! The Plot! In the Topaz Region,the evil Team Sinister is stealing Pokemon everywhere! An...
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    Post your Miis!

    This thread is for people to post their Miis here! If you don't know how to post them,then PM me. For those who don't know what a Mii is,or don't have a Wii,Miis are your characters you create in the Mii Chanel.
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    Percy Jackson and The Olympians(And other books)

    Not sure where this should be but... Hello and welcome!You are probably reading this because you are a fan of one of the best book series ever:Percy Jackson and The Olympians! Discuss Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson,Heroes of Olympus,and The Kane Chronicles!
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    Wii U Discussion Thread

    Discuss the new Wii U system!
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    The Spriters,Please Join!! Mods Please Lock. D:

    Hello and welcome to The Spriters!The Spriters is a group where other spriters get together,share their sprites,and teach other people how to sprite. THE GROUP RULES! PLEASE READ! Please respect all group members and group leaders. All Pokebeach rules and Pokebeach Group rules apply. Stay...
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    Umbreon/Espeon's NEW Art Thread!Updated with new stuff!

    Hello,and welcome to my NEW art thread!:D My last one died,and I hardly updated it.In this art thread,I will update daily with my sprites,fakemon,and just regular Pokemon.I'm going to draw every Pokemon from No.1 to No.649.I will update this daily,and hopefully people will respond.:D I'm going...
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    Umbreon/Espeon's Spectacular Everything Shop! School's starting,so won't be able to get on as much

    Hello and welcome to Umbreon/Espeon's Spectacular Sprite,Avatar,and Banner Shop! THE SHOP RULES: 1. Please be patient, we care about your request and will get it done as soon as we can. 2. Be respectful to all shop employees; don’t harass them to get your request done, they are more than...
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    The Pokebeach Thread of Board Games

    Discuss what board games you like to play here!Me and my dad play:Heroscape,Monsterpaclypse,Cosmic Encounter,Summoner Wars,and a lot more.
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    Pokemon What Pokemon do like and don't like in B/W?

    I hate Trubbish and his evolution.What kind of person would think of a garbage bag Pokemon?!I also don't like Vanillite and his evolution chain.I do like Sandile and and his evolution chain,and Woobat and Swoobat are ok.Share your thoughts here!
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    Writing The Half-Blood's Quest

    Jason was listening to his history teacher at school."Now today we will be learning about Greek mythology."said his teacher. Jason loved history,and Greek mythology even more.He loved to read all those stories about hero's and Gods.When ever his teacher talked about the Greeks,he payed attention...
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    The Official Pokebeach Book Club!Mods please lock. :(

    Wecome to the Official Pokebeach Book Club! Here we will discuss books of any kind of genre.We will have a book as our book of the month,every month.We will all read the book,and discuss our opinions here.We will also introduce people to new series,and have fun!We will also discuss...
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    Fire Emblem

    Hello everyone!Here we will discuss the Fire Emblem series.If you have a team that you would like to be rated,then post here!:D My strongest character is Boyd.We will be able to battle if you have Shadow Dragon.Just post here if you want to battle!:)