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  1. Cris

    ex: Team Rocket's Vengeance: Gastly, Magikarp, Dark Lairon

    Hey guys, I am starting this thread because I want to go ahead and share my ex-era set named ex: Team Rocket’s Vengeance. Team Rocket is my favorite evil organization in the Pokémon series and I felt like making a set dedicated to show their true force. Anyways this set will feature roughly...
  2. Cris

    PokéBeach's 8th Anniversary- Friday is over, mods can go ahead and lock

    Hello everybody and welcome to the PokeBéach's 8th Anniversary thread! PokeBéach has been around for 8 outstanding years, boasting an incredible community that consists of over 12,000 members. It started out as nothing more than a small website that was dedicated to Pokémon fandom back in 2003...
  3. Cris

    Forum Games & More Glitch

    Hi everyone I know this has been brought up before already, but is anyone experiencing the glitch in the "Forum Games & More" forums where you can't view the 2nd page. I know DE said he fixed it, but it seems it only worked for a while as I am experiencing the same problem again. Is there a...
  4. Cris

    Ruling Lost World

    I was wondering, does your opponent have to have 6 Pokemon as in actual Pokemon like the ones on your bench or is it any Pokemon cards like T/S/S in their LZ in order to use Lost World's effect?
  5. Cris

    Ruling Beedrill RR

    Say I have Beedrill as my active and use Needle Shock. Then on my next turn I retreat Beedrill and send anther Beedrill RR as my active and use Needle Shock again. Is the Defending Pokemon paralyzed and poisoned since I retreated because to my understanding if you retreat, all effects of attacks...
  6. Cris

    Possibility of a new TR set?

    After watching the new Pokemon Black and White today, I realized that Team Rocket would definitely have a bigger role in the anime and possibly in the tcg as well. Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else think that Team Rocket might get their own new set again like TR and TRR? Would anyone like...
  7. Cris

    BW/BW2 Does anyone know how to unlock all the pc storage boxes?

    Ok I've been capturing a lot of Pokemon lately and I'm starting to run out of space on the storage pc. I only have 8 storage boxes and I want to know how to unlock all the boxes. Thanks in advance! :)