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  1. DarkMatterGaming

    Expanded Wormadam + Bees

    I haven't played Pokemon in a long time now, since the middle of Sun/Moon towards the beginning of the Tag Team era, and I am out of practice with deckbuilding. I've used the resources I've found to build a functioning Wormadam deck in Standard, and since I had the parts laying around for...
  2. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion Most consistent way to power up UNM Aegislash?

    Hey! I'm alive. Weird, I know. So I've been playing around with Unified Minds Aegislash to some good success lately, and this thought just popped into my head. I've been playing it with LOT Shedinja, Net Ball, Mysterious Treasure, PokeGear, lots of consistency boosting stuff that also happens...
  3. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion Is there any use for Crimson Invasion Mismagius?

    I remember a few years back when Giratina-GX's Chaos Wheel was a legitimately really good attack. Granted, it also had Renegade Pulse which helped in certain Mega match-ups, but Chaos Wheel shut down so many strategies. Smash cut to now, and CRI Mismagius has it too - but its not seen...
  4. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion If you could bring back one retired mechanic, what would it be?

    I kinda wish they'd bring back Delta Species cards. Those were neat.
  5. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion I'd really forgotten just how much fun this game is.

    I fell out of the TCG for awhile but man, something just has me hooked again. Like, for the first time in a long time, I burst out laughing over what happened in one my games on PTCGO tonight. Sure, I lost, but it was a really funny way to lose. I can't exactly place what changed but I think...
  6. DarkMatterGaming

    Expanded Sceptile-GX and His Amazing Friends

    tl;dr: LOT grovyle searches DEX roserade searches anything, don't know which way to take the deck after testing lso known as "Olette du Fromage" due to the name of Roserade's effect (thanks Kani). So after that premium article came out talking about Lifesplosion, I was enamored with...
  7. DarkMatterGaming

    Standard ZoroCargo Disruption

    Hey everyone, I'm alive. Recently got back into Pokemon after burnout from other games, and since Celestial Storm just came out, I jumped on the chance to build a deck around Magcargo's Smooth Over. Its built around control and disruption; Magcargo fetches any card from the deck, so stuff like...
  8. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion If Unlimited was officially supported, what combos would see play?

    This has been something I've been wondering about for awhile. ...For some reason. Side note: I'm actually not entirely sure which board to put this thread in...
  9. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion Averages of the HP/Retreat Costs of All Base Set Pokemon

    Edit: I'm going to be updating this post for all future charts instead of making new posts each time. Will probably clean this up tomorrow morning. --- I intend to do this for all of the sets in the future but... there are a lot of them. I also want to do this for Attacks but there are a lot...
  10. DarkMatterGaming

    Expanded M-Mewtwo/Venusaur

    Ninja Edit: its been a long time since I've posted a Deck Garage post, if there's anything wrong, I apologize! After hearing about the success of Shining Genesect/Venusaur at the latest Regionals, I felt inspired. M-Mewtwo Y is one of those cards I never got a chance to play around with but I...
  11. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion Partners for BUS Raticate

    Ever since I saw it, I see some potential in BUS Raticate; a no energy attack that has potential to swing from 60 - 90 seems pretty decent for a one prize attacker. So I started playing around with it and... I've hit a brick wall. My first thought was pair it with the AOR Eeveelutions to make...
  12. DarkMatterGaming

    Expanded TrevenantPlume

    So with the new Grass type Phantump and Trevenant that came out in Guardians Rising, I did a big of finagling and traded myself into a playset of each and a copy of XY Trev. One of my first thoughts looking at GRI Trevenant was that, "Huh. That's actually not terrible if you paired it with...
  13. DarkMatterGaming

    Help I've got a playset of NVI Eels but no Raikous. What other Expanded decks can use them?

    I'm thinking Zekroms or investing into a Ray EX deck for PTCGO but is there anything else that I'm not thinking of?
  14. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion Evolutions Electrode + Life Dew?

    So I've been doing some thinking about the new Electrode coming out in Evolutions; in Standard, it's probably not going to make many waves because of how fast prizes can be taken and going -1 prize for +2 Energy doesn't seem like the best idea at the moment. I mean, the only good target that...
  15. DarkMatterGaming

    Fun What Were the Most Influential Cards?

    In any format, there are cards/decks that dictate how the game is played: Haymaker from Base set, SableDonk for those 5 minutes that it existed, Tropical Beach before it got banned (with good reason)... My question today is which cards, in any format, were the most influential and if they were...
  16. DarkMatterGaming

    Collecting Dug around in a box of old cards. Found some neat stuff.

    For those who can't see or read them because 3DS Camera sucks: Garchomp C Lv. X Undaunted Sneasal (I found it neat that this card was broken at a previous print) Undaunted VS Seeker(!!!) HG/SS Rainbow Energy(!!!) Undaunted Vileplume Crystal Guardians Groudon ex It's not much and the two cards...
  17. DarkMatterGaming

    Standard SwellBats (Swellow / Crobat)

    Hello everyone, I've recently come into a playset of LaserBank on PTCGO and as a result I was finally able to somewhat craft a rough draft of this deck idea. Recently I realized that Swellow AT isn't a terrible attacker when paired with other damage sources, namely Bats and LaserBank. As a...
  18. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion Latios EX Donk

    So I've been thinking: with some decks requiring to start with low HP Pokemon (Donphan, Metal on a bad hand, Night March), would it be viable to create a deck around Latios EX to force that first turn donk? My rough idea right now is this: Latios EX Fight Song Altaria (Swablu, evolve with...
  19. DarkMatterGaming

    Discussion M-Manectric and RSK Thundurus EX

    For the moment, I predominantly play PTCGO as my main TCG sim; over the course of playing this morning (because I had nothing to do because I overslept, go me!) I ran into a M-Manectric + RSK Thundurus EX deck a couple of times - two, if I remember correctly. The main goal - as far as I can...
  20. DarkMatterGaming

    Smite: Battleground of the Gods

    Alright, so I noticed that we don't have a dedicated Smite thread (or DotA for that matter but I'm terrible at DotA), so I thought I'd open one up. For those of you who don't know, Smite is a MOBA in the vein of League of Legends and Dota; it's niche is in it's third person camera, and the fact...