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  1. Chimecho3000

    Discussion Team Up Unofficial and Partial Set List

    Thought I'd create the list...just this once. 1. Celebi & Venusaur GX 2. Weedle 3. Weedle 4. Kakuna 5. Beedrill 6. Paras 7. Parasect 8. Exeggcute 9. Pinsir 10. Shaymin 11. Charmander 12. Charmander 13. Charmeleon 14. Charizard 15. Vulpix 16. Ninetales 17. Ponyta 18. Rapidash 19. Moltres 20...
  2. Chimecho3000

    Help Contents of a Prerelease case

    Got some questions for those that know about the contents of the prerelease cases. At the Ultra Prism prerelease, I was able to obtain a discarded box that held the prerelease kits and I'm using it as storage for my prerelease kits (as pictured). Am wondering is this the first set where they...