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    Upcoming ‘Pokemon GO’ Collaboration Announced for Pokemon Leagues!

    Neat idea, why would you want to opt out of free advertising?
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    First ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Cards and Products Revealed!

    Oh cool so this set will have a shiny charizard. I'm sure that won't make this set scalped to death and impossible to find.
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    May’s Pokemon Center Products for ‘Dark Phantasma’ Revealed!

    Japan PC sleeves are much better than the ETB sleeves.
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    Clefairy, Clefable from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    I think you make a bold theory thinking quick shooting will be played when both sobble and drizzle will be dead cards without shady dealings.
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    Hisuian Basculin, Hisuian Basculegion from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    These won't come out until rotation just before or at rotation though. These will likely never see any serious play.
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    “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Fully Revealed!

    Not 1 but 2 Yuka Morii cards to add to the binder? Very happy with this.
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    Heatran VMAX, Heatran V, and Wyrdeer V Revealed from S10!

    Heatran seems… not good
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    American Version of “Arceus V Figure Collection” Revealed!

    A Cosmic Eclipse pack? Wow that's quite the include. Going for $10 on their own.
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    All “Battle Region” Cards Revealed: New Hisuian Pokemon Debut!

    First mamoswine cards since crimson invasion
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    Florida Regional Championships Have Been Canceled

    As a resident of Utah I will be shocked if Salt Lake regionals happens.
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    Hisui Pokemon and New Character Rares Revealed for ‘Battle Legion!’

    Who’s going to build quad kleavor, turbo dce, with glimwood tangle and letting chance take the wheel?
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    Logan Paul’s ‘Base Set’ Case is Fake: Threats, Bribery, and Shady Behavior Down the Ladder

    So we got see Logan Paul get scammed and have him in return get rid of Pokémon scammer? I think this was a win win for everyone reading this
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    Logan Paul’s Dubious ‘Base Set’ Case To Be Verified This Weekend, Unlikely to Convince Collectors

    Gary is the one who told him that he has the same box here is the quote: The YouTuber revealed that he didn’t give it a second thought as the collectible had been authenticated by BBCE. “I didn’t even consider for a second that it might not have been real,” he said. The influencer was shocked...
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    Logan Paul’s Dubious ‘Base Set’ Case To Be Verified This Weekend, Unlikely to Convince Collectors

    He found out during the live stream that he's not the only one with a case of 1st edition boxes. He said he's taking action for being lied to about the rarity of the box as he was sold it was the only one in the world. No update if the box was confirmed real or not.
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    Eternatus VMAX Character Rare from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    Umbreon is with karen (leaked image not on pokebeach yet)
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    Simisear V and Marnie’s Pride from ‘Start Deck 100’

    Yeah I’m going to need a FA of Marnies Pride ASAP
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    ‘Start Deck 100’ Revealed: 100 Different Decks Featuring Kingler VMAX, Greedent V, Ultra Ball, and More!

    Not mentioned in this article is they showed crushing hammer with regulation mark F
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    Mewtwo / Greninja / Zacian V-UNION Special Collections Revealed!

    Once you have all 4 pieces in the discard pile can you just play the 1 card promo?
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    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    While very cool art it is odd to me that out of 4 ETB artworks there is no sign of the dragon part of the set.