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    Exeggutor Variants

    Munna is a good addition because it keeps the opponent asleep.
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    P!P/Rules Should Seismitoad EX be Banned for Standard and Expanded?

    Did Toad/Bats win Montreal Regionals?
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    Illumise from Primal Clash

    Must be fun when you have it working. :-)
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    Bunnelby Deck-Out Deck

    Yes and so you start with Ninjack active, use ability. Then retreat to Bunnelby. Ninjack has no retreat cost.
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    The Future Metagame

    Mega Turbo will make Primal Groudon-EX one of the top decks out there. Can't Lysandre it out, can't E-Hammer, can't Crushing Hammer any energies off of it. You don't need baby Landorus to power it up. Losing Dark Patch made Dark a little weaker. Well Mega Turbo is like giving "Dark Patch" to...
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    Dragon M Rayquaza vs Colorless M Rayquaza

    Aromatisse is able to move the double dragon energy around as long as it's always on a dragon? No? I think the dragon will be quite strong. You don't need to attack with it, just keep it as a quick OHKO. So you max potion dragons all the time since you can move the dragon energy off (as long as...
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    Cradily Deck Possibilities

    RE: Cradily Deck possiblities? Cradily is only for fun but even the such slow setup is terrible. I tried online.
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    The Next Rotation

    I agree 100%, Skyla is so under rated. Especially now with powerful item cards coming out...
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    Flame Torch

    Blacksmith will be more of a late game power up, or mid game when you have just about everything set up that you can. To use a Supporter, that stalls your draw power. If you're going to use Blacksmith, you will need Tropical Beach, or at the least a Delphox setup. I don't see this card getting...
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    Other Uses For Virbank Gym

    Toxicroak first attack is one energy 90 damage after a knock out. Let him sit on your bench until a knock out. Even then, why bother when you got Leafeon.
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    Scoop Up Cyclone

    RE: Scoop Up Cyclone? This is exactly how I use mine often, in a scramble switch type way. A lot more decks these days don't do OHKO every turn. I've won games with Scoop Up Cyclone. Because late game, damage everywhere, no energy in hand, scoop up active that has energy, pull up poke almost...
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    Wigglytuff Discussion

    It's such a mediocre card at best. Decent fillers for people who don't have the right cards to build their deck so they may put these types of cards in while waiting for good cards. Might as well use Mewtwo instead of that first Wigglytuff. The second one is probably good for forcing the...
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    The Recent Rise in TCG Prices?

    I spent a long time studying Chinese, and I can't imagine wanting to learn another language just so I can save a few bucks on Japanese Cards. And if you can't read what the card says and need to get translation, that seems boring to me.
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    XY Potential Decks and Game Breaking cards

    Beware of Trainer Lock with XY... be prepared.
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    How Do You Store and Organize Your Collection?

    Put in a basic sleeve, or game sleeve. Then throw them in a box. I don't consider them valuable. If the value skyrockets in 10 years, and my cards are in terrible shape, I won't care because I would have thrown them out by then. Just reality. If I was a dealer looking to make money, sure I...
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    Are These Cards Real or Fake?

    RE: Are these cards real or fake? I never buy from Target/Wal-Mart, they charge far too much. Here in Canada they charge 5.97 plus tax for a booster pack. Sometimes 4.97. I pay $3 for mine from a card shop. I checked they are an actually dealer from a Pokemon USA distributor. And I order...
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    Sigilyph Toolbox Counters?

    It will still remove all tool cards attached to Pokemon without Silver Mirror. So if it's not a Sigilyph, Sigilyph loses everything, which is damaging for a tool deck.
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    Lugia Discussion

    What about Greninja instead of Lasers, to control the damage?