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  1. Jake Coolman

    Discussion Wailord V Deck Ideas

    Wailord V is an interesting card, it has massive HP for a two prizer, and it has to be two shot by pretty much everything. I was thinking it could be played with Toughness cape, Corvisquire, and/or with Frosmoth. Another plus is there are many cards that can manipulate coin flips. Does anyone...
  2. Jake Coolman

    Discussion Cynthia or Professor’s Research in Combo Zacian V

    Professor’s Research is an amazing card, but does it really belong in Combo Zacian V? If you play Professor’s Research in your deck, most games you are going to be discarding valuable resources that you may be needing later on in the game. Cynthia, on the other hand, gives you only one less...