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    Machamp line from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    Doesn't have to be a promo. It could be included straight in the trainer card bulk with a new regulation stamp. edit: The Japanese equivalent of a Trainer's Toolkit (Premium Trainer Box) has 2 copies of the candy. Very likely the english version gets it there too.
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    First ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Cards and Products Revealed!

    Are we not getting Melmetal Vmax?
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    Hisuian Electrode V, Radiant Hisuian Sneasler, and More from “Dark Phantasma!”

    You are absolutely correct! I had to check and this card is currently a Japanese PokeGym exclusive Promo.
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    Hisuian Electrode V, Radiant Hisuian Sneasler, and More from “Dark Phantasma!”

    When I first saw H. Electrode I thought 'hey that's an easy 300 damage with Weepinbell' but then I read the word 'Special Condition on THIS Pokemon', which with the new Parasect is still 200 damage, but that's not as exciting. It's too bad Asleep, Paralyzed, and Confused overwrite each other so...
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    Thievul from ‘Time Gazer’!

    Very situational, but if you have enough brainpower to make this work alongside Milotic, you have set up a very annoying board state.
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    Togekiss from ‘Space Juggler’!

    They really don't need to as Rare Candy has been printed with the F (or whatever the latest regulation letter is, I don't keep track) mark in the 100 Starter Deck products. For the west if it doesn't appear on booster packs, it's going to go on an auxillary product somewhere. Regardless, it's...
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    Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR, Machamp V, and 10 More Cards Revealed from S10!

    And where do you slot your other support Pokemon? Items? Supporters? Also keep in mind that even if Gardenia allowed you to draw regardless of the amount of energy in hand, Grass doesnt have any Fire Crystals, Fiery Flint, or Giant Hearth to grab those energy for them, and even if you do...
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    Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR, Machamp V, and 10 More Cards Revealed from S10!

    While the card isnt terrible, a bad habit is assuming ideal conditions when simulating how the card works. All of your points mentioned are great, but you have to take account that Kricketune takes at least 4 deck slots (2-2 line of Kriketot-Tune), maybe 6 if you want to run more, AND a bench...
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    Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR, Machamp V, and 10 More Cards Revealed from S10!

    Mew just sets up blazingly fast, the deck (usually) can take out a weakness attacker before it becomes a threat. Personally I think Samurott could become a Mew checker, but it won't pull down the deck too much.
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    Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR, Machamp V, and 10 More Cards Revealed from S10!

    Lilligant is a neat card but 260 is pretty frail for a VStar. Most things, including itself plus a Choice Belt is an OHKO. Though if future cards are also getting less HP then I don't mind the change.
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    Orbeetle from ‘Space Juggler’!

    Agree, at this point it's in the same ranks as Pokeball and Switch (and maybe also Crushing Hammer), at any point its one set from rotating away a reprint is ready to update it.
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    Energy Loto from ‘Space Juggler’!

    I assume because it's just using the same 3Dmodel from SM's Energy Loto.
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    Hisuian Sneasler V, Rapidash Line from ‘Space Juggler!’

    With Choice Belt you could actually KO an Arceus VStar - assuming one of the status conditions is poison, that one tick adds up to a perfect 280.
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    All Regis Featured in S10!

    Ignoring the viability of the Regis, what comp would provide the best balance to get all 5 (6 including -gigas) on the field without screwing up your draws? Because 4 copies of each would definitely not be a good time.
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    Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, and Temple of Sinnoh from S10!

    Spectral Breach Dusknoir on a field. Very nice.
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    Heatran VMAX, Heatran V, and Wyrdeer V Revealed from S10!

    Heatran is just a Fire Gardevoir VMax, I suppose. Wyrdeer could be an interesting finisher on decks with a ton of energy output, though it needs at least 7 to KO a VStar, and between 8-9 for a VMax.
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    Hisuian Heavy Ball from S10!

    I believe this will have the same ruling as Beast Ball, but the card was played so little I don't remember what happens when you whiff a Beast Ball. My intuition says you shuffle regardless, though.
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    Hisuian Heavy Ball from S10!

    Not technically a dead card considering you can still use it to reduce your hand count. If anything it's always a fodder to Ultra Balls/Cramomatic.
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    Hisuian Heavy Ball from S10!

    I did ask for a Heavy Ball reprint this year but not like this.....
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    “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Sets Officially Revealed!

    Magnezone would have the very same problems Stage 2s have had for years now, but I can see Dialga work with Arceus. Plus we still have Zacian V, energy switch, and metal saucer to super turbo out the Chronos Star.