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    eBay Launches Mandatory Card Authentication Service for Pokemon and Other TCGs

    You must not play Magic. People play with them competitively (e.g. dual lands like Volcanic Island, etc.). Not that that's a good thing, but that's the way it is right now. In Pokemon, look at Tropical Beach for example. Great card for competitive with no sign that it will be reprinted and now...
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    eBay Launches Mandatory Card Authentication Service for Pokemon and Other TCGs

    People saying they'll lose money for this are forgetting the fact that they'll lose so much more business if buyers can't be assured that they're getting something real and sellers can't be assured that a buyer won't lie about a product they receive. No faith in TCG products on eBay = no TCG...
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    January’s TCG Accessories Revealed for Japan’s Pokemon Centers!

    For the life of me I don't understand why these can't make it onto Online.
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    New Dusknoir from ‘Star Birth’ Revealed!

    I miss Orbeetle... 😔
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    Eternatus VMAX Character Rare from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    I got into ptcg this year. And the alt arts they've been putting out have very literally made me hooked for life. Love this game and these cards. Incredible.
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    Pokemon TCG Live Delayed Until 2022!

    Even more time for me explaining what will happen in the transfer and how to prepare for people who won't read the article. Fantastic.
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    ‘Brilliant Stars’ Officially Revealed, Will Contain Character Rares from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    Can we have another triple energy of some kind to make the Stage 2 Orbeetle engine good again? Pretty please?
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    Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Officially Revealed!

    Something I haven't seen anyone talk about as far as trading goes is the fact that if it moves to a MTGA or Hearthstone model (which it does sound like), there's no such thing as "budget" any more. While yes, some of the most exorbitantly-priced cards in the meta recently like SR and Urshifu...
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    ‘Vaporeon VMAX / Jolteon VMAX / Flareon VMAX Premium Collections’ in December!

    18 extra is a lot less than these would go for if you had to pull these from packs, at least.
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    Dunsparce and Skate Park from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    Excited to use that Dunsparce in the Kecleon deck I could never get to work