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  1. Holden Sheeks

    Standard 1st/52 ADP Zacian w/ Bronzong (TEU-BST) - Card Explanations, Tournament Report, and Possible Changes

    Introduction - Opinions on the Format & Experience with playing Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX: Hallo! It's been a bit of a while since I've done much activity for competitive Pokémon TCG. Corona Virus was a factor, obviously, but either way for the longest time I wasn't too interested in the...
  2. Holden Sheeks

    Discussion Metagross-GX / Solgaleo-GX, or Metagross-GX / DM Necrozma-GX?

    Now that post-rotation is in effect and is tested a little bit, Metagross is back to seeing a bit more play than it did last format now that specific cards that have handled it before are rotated. After playing with a bit of both with the time I have it seems to me both versions of Metagross...
  3. Holden Sheeks

    Fun Break this for me.

    Use Cyrus Prism Star to shuffle your opponent's Pokemon leaving them only at 2 Pokemon, then use Sylveon-GX's attack to force the last 2 Pokemon back into the hand, then leave the lone active Pokemon left to either burn or poison to death when they're about to the next turn. Boom! Instant win...
  4. Holden Sheeks

    Standard Noivern-GX Profile (BKT-CRI): Noivern has potential again?

    I'll make this brief: Noivern-GX I think can be really good against certain decks. Not necessarily it's ability to item / ability lock with BKP Garbodor (though that can work pretty well as an option), I'm more interested in it's second attack and create special energy lock while 2HKOing...