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  1. (sgtfrog)

    Logo Design Request

    I noticed there is a lot of talented artists on this site! I want to start making games and Pokemon rom hacks so I'm starting an indie game studio and naming it Bowl of Noodles Games. Use your imagination! Anything from pixel art to watercolor is accepted! I will take more than one submissions...
  2. (sgtfrog)

    Rant: Buying Old Pokémon Games

    So lately I've been into playing older Pokemon games (GBA) to be specific. I noticed that lately the price of these games gone up drastically. Like a used copy of FR and LG range from 40 to 75 bucks. Even R/S, one of the most sold gba games are high priced. It's ridiculous. Recently I found a...
  3. (sgtfrog)

    Why Is Florges BREAK Banned on PTCGO?

    So I just went on TCGO on my tablet and all of the sudden my deck was banned. It said that forges break was banned. Is it a bug or is this true. I tried researching this but nothing came up.
  4. (sgtfrog)

    Making Friends Outside of School

    For a while I've been trying to make friends outside of school. I''l be going to a pre-release alone again this month and I don't want to be alone (I usually go with my cousin). I'm extremely socially awkward. How can I approach people properly and maybe start a group?