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  1. Milky

    Worlds Strategy Discussion

    The first thing I wanted to note was the influence over U.S Nationals and how that may or may not improve certain matchups for different decks. Mewtwo is an easily exploitable card in most decks. If the meta doesn't run too many, say 0-1, then bumping your Mewtwo count to 2-3 will give you a...
  2. Milky

    MewtwoEels HGSS-On

    Finally made a deck list I actually like for MewtwoEels. It's not my favourite, that honor goes to Celebi/Mewtwo which I am playing for worlds but this is an amazing deck to play if you want to play HGSS-On until rotation. Pokemon TCG Mewtwo/Eelektrik HGSS-On Polemon: 4-3 Eelektrik 4 Mewtwo EX...
  3. Milky


    This seemed like the most appropriate place to post this. If you're in the market for sleeves, there are very few brands you should consider. Ultra Pro, KMC, Players Choice and Dragon Shields. I absolutely hate any Japanese made sleeves. I'm looking at you, KMC. They are made of such a...
  4. Milky

    Speed Darkrai HGSS-On

    Perfecting my speed Darkrai deck before season end. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Speed Darkrai (60) Pokemon: 3 Darkrai EX 4 Smeargle =7 Trainers: 4 Ultra Ball 4 Random Receiver 4 Switch 4 Junk Arm 4 Catcher 4 Dark Patch 3 Eviolite 2 Plus Power 4 Professor...
  5. Milky


    Just something I cooked up while googling rare candy for my GarTaria deck. I noticed the HGSS and BW one have completely different effects. It's OBVIOUSLY inferior to Dark.donk. Turn 1 90 with like 5 cards. The current rare candy trainer card only allows you to evolve basics into stage two...
  6. Milky

    RayEels Decklist BW-on

    Pokemon TCG Ray/Eels Deck (60) Pokemon (14) 4 Rayquaza 2 Rayquaza EX 2 Raikou EX 4-4 Eelektrik Trainers, Supporters, Stadiums (32) 4 Catcher 4 Ultra Ball 3 Level Ball 3 Random Receiver 4 Juniper 4 N 3 Switch 2 Eviolite 1 Super Rod 2 Skyarrow Bridge  Energy (14) 9 Lightning {L} 5 Fire {R}...