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  1. WillyCharizard

    Discussion Bug or ruling? Electropower and Alolan Golen TUP

    Playing online I build a deck with Alolan Golem from TUP and use the electropower to boost the damage, I only move one energy and Alolan Golem have Choice band hiting Sylveon Gx so should it be a total of 80 damage but the 30 extra of Electropower wasnt added, for a moment I though my opponent...
  2. WillyCharizard

    Games Your worst hand in PTCGO?

    This is some of my worst hands playing theme decks, do you remember your worst hands?
  3. WillyCharizard

    PTCGO New PTCGO theme decks?

    Will be ever new deck like these? I mean the decks a new player get when join for the first time, I dont remember the name of the decks but are the water deck (Articuno, Gyarados and Vaporeon) Electric deck (Zapdos, Raichu and Jolteon) and fire deck (Moltress, Arcanine and Flareon) also the...
  4. WillyCharizard

    Ruling Question about 2 cards effect

    If you have a Lost Thunder Ribombee on your field full of fairy pokemon, the opponent can play Guzma? he can play Guzma but will not have any effect? or he can move a pokemon of his own bench or not? Donphan Lost Thunder Vs Tyranitar-GX attack, Donphan can survive or not?
  5. WillyCharizard

    PTCGO Professor Elm value on PTCGO?

    I pull a FA Professor Elm, any one have an idea of the value on Lost Thunder Packs? I would like to trade it for packs
  6. WillyCharizard

    PTCGO Post Rotation, Special energys are death?

    Without Special charge and with puzzles of time rotating out too, theres a way to get double color energies from discard pile?
  7. WillyCharizard

    Discussion There is any replacement for delinquent post rotation?

    Another supporter, Item or at least pokemon who discard cards of the hand with attacks or abilities?
  8. WillyCharizard

    PTCGO Zygarde Gx is bugged?

    Just wondering if the Gx attacks is bugged or how exactly works when it play with Bonnie? Today I was playing agaisnt Zygarde Gx Deck, he use Bonnie to being able to hit his Gx attack again but I was able to hit Zygarde back in my turn and its the second time I see that happening, the first one...
  9. WillyCharizard

    PTCGO The new junk pack

    I guess Im not the only one who hates get Evolutions packs as rewards on the game and the worst part is now playing a tournament doenst guaranteed get the newest packs, the last time I play and win the first prize just to get 2 Evolutions packs and I dont remember what was the other one, most of...
  10. WillyCharizard

    Discussion SM6 theme decks

    I realize not many people care about theme decks but I like a lot, I start playing with Decidueye deck and I give a try to every theme deck since then, so I want to know if someone have predictions about what cards the upcoming theme decks will have? For the Alolan Executtor, I would like to...
  11. WillyCharizard

    Fun What Pokemon Would You Like to Have a New Evolution in 8th Generation

    I just realize we dont have evolutions from previous gens anymore (I dont count megas and Eevee) Gen 1 got Steelix, Scizor, Tangrowth, etc. Gen 2 got Gliscor, Mismagius, Mamoswine, etc. Gen 3 got Roserade, Dusknoir, Frosslass, etc. Gen 4, 5, and 6 pokemon never got new evolutions, so what...
  12. WillyCharizard

    PTCGO How the codes work on ptcgo?

    My question is how the codes work? what exactly you get when you introduce a code? A) You get the exact 10 cards you get in the real booster pack B) You get a complete new booster pack C) You get a booster pack with the exact cards of the real booster pack D) Other I just earn a Tapu Lele-Gx...