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  1. Mysticvulpix

    Discussion Big beasts counters???

    Recently I’ve been discussing with others (quite intensely) guzznaga stall. And from what the discussion has shown, it’s got good win chances against most stuff. Even gardy may have a hard time against it. So I am asking: any ideas on how to stop it before it wrecks our format?
  2. Mysticvulpix

    Discussion 500 IQ plays

    hey there! I’ve got a new fun question for you all: What was the smartest play your opponent made in a game? I’ll start: My brother was playing blacephalon, I was playing tinatags. I got the game to a point where if he knocked me out with his Heatran, I would’ve tied him with spell tag. He had...
  3. Mysticvulpix

    Discussion League cup tips

    hey everyone! I’m going to a league cup this weekend, and I want to know your thoughts: what tips do you have for a league cup? Anything you think is good to bring or do ahead of time or there?
  4. Mysticvulpix

    Discussion Malamar’s Last Stand

    After seeing worlds, I noticed I key surprise: Not one malamar deck made any top eight. This kind of shocked me, as I had thought it had done well day one. Had something changed in between? Or is malamar just... not good anymore? Is it gone, or can it make a final strike before 2020? What are...
  5. Mysticvulpix

    In Search Of US: TinaChomp needs!

    hello everyone! I’m a new trader, in search of specific cards. These are: Higher wants: (stuff I’ll do larger trades for) Jirachi TEU(x1) Giratina Garchomp GX(x2) Mysterious treasures (x4) Viridian forest (x3) Lower wants (stuff I’ll only do 1 or 2 cards for) Custom catcher (x1) Mew UNB (x 1) If...
  6. Mysticvulpix

    Help Start deck

    Hey everyone! I’m beginning my path to the 2020 World Championships, but don’t have my main deck pieces yet. Any recommendation for a quick cheap deck that I can play in challenges and cups for quick points?
  7. Mysticvulpix

    Discussion World championship stories!!

    with the world Championships arriving soon, and the 2018-19 season coming to a close, I thought it might be fitting to discuss your world championship stories and adventures! Personally, I haven’t gone, but I know the 19-20 season will be my year! How about you?
  8. Mysticvulpix

    Standard TinaChomp Test list

    So, I’ve been taking a look at multiple cards from post rotation, and I’ve been really enjoying the idea of TinaChomp. With the ability to hit 240 on anything, and with rapid charge powers, it’s quite the effective deck. Here’s a list I thought i might test: 3 Garchomp Giratina TTGX 1 Mewtwo...
  9. Mysticvulpix

    Discussion Prerelease stories!!

    hey everyone! Sometimes everyone needs to lighten up, and what better way than sharing funny stories? In honor of the current unified minds prerelease, I think prerelease stories might be interesting! I’ll start: At my first lost thunder prerelease, I was looking for alolan Ninetales (fairy) to...
  10. Mysticvulpix

    Discussion Post Rotation Meta predictions

    Hey everyone! I’ve seen the unified minds list, and it now gives us a better handle to discuss early meta for 2020! So, here is my question: what do YOU think might be a popular or good deck to play? My money is on a Malamar toolbox, especially now with the mewtwo and mew tag team, as well as...
  11. Mysticvulpix

    Help Garchomp/Giratina Tag Team??

    I’ve heard possibilities of a Giratina / garchomp deck for 2020 season. Is this a possibility, and if so, what cards are necessary?