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    Friday, 11/10, PCG DP Cards, More Later!

    Hey Water Pokemon Master, could u possibly p ost the marathon up, coz some of us don't have Cartoon Network here in Singapore. Thnks!
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    Friday again, 9/1, Two New Pokemon

    RE:  Friday again, 9/1, Two New Pokemon haha, same thoughts... kinda pathetic isn't it? Baby forms for every good-old pokemon they can find.
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    Friday again, 9/1, Two New Pokemon

    the small guy looks like a baby form of chansey (95 % sure) the cat? er, a evolved form of delcatty? Or a totally new guy?
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    Saturday, 8/19, Worlds + Mysterious Dungeon

    erm, maybe because of a(bra) and kada(bra)? Or a reference to harry potter? ><
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    Saturday, The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon

    mew rocks, so cute ash's voice actor is the worst i think i hope there's a part 2
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    4/15, The Right Place at the Right Mime, A Real Cleffa-Hanger, Mastermind of Mirage..

    hey , this is great that u are uplaoding episodes. Singapore's Pokemon episodes is SO way behing :( Upload more in the future!
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    Monday, 4/3, Grrrrr....

    wtmfh to those ppl. pokebeach has never given unreliable sources and will apologise and rectify them if there is. how can they such things? and i thot serebii were good people? Why the change?
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    Tuesday, 3/14, D/P Types

    it will be cool though... haha
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    Tuesday, 3/14, D/P Types

    lol, manaphy into phanpy... did u recieve mine water pokemon master?? a bit unfair to mention it to those who haven't submitted :P
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    Wednesday, 2/22, Instructions for Downloading Pokemon, Sign-Ups Still Open

    Haiz, i didnt put my msn and name the other time... Name: Kenneth Siah MSN: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------ WHY DID PPL CHOOSE BULBASAUR? I mean its cute, but venusaur may be ugly, but at least he is powerful. URGH!
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    Monday, 2/20, D/P Names, Strategists Needed

    sry, i forgot to put the details: Name: Kenneth Siah MSN: [email protected] Thnks! Kyoquadon
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    Monday, 2/20, D/P Names, Strategists Needed

    Though I'm new here, I have done card reviews for many pokemon fansites in forums, so i suppose this should be no problem to me. I am pretty free during the week, so pls PM me/ msn me if you need me to do the reviews. Thnks. Kyoquadon