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    Ruling Holon Energy WP's true effect

    didn't that card read: prevent all effects of an attack EXCLUDING damage.... geez...if u have lost that game it must really hurt huh?
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    Thursday, 10/26, Pokemon Card Game: DP

    Well this set isn't that bad at all...almost looking like the old game...wonder how pokemon X will be like?... well...i just noticed that lucario has a pre-evolutionary stage before it...
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    Will there be ex's and *'s in the D/P set?

    Hmm...I think it is certain that there will be ex's if not *'s
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    received!+1.....soz for the late ref.. im in skool pc is crashed so i wont be long for a short while now..
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    Pictures on the Lucario movie~!

    I've seen the movie alredy....the japanese version...
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    hey Kaito ur strategised again!!!
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    Saturday, 7/21, Comic-con Media and EX CG Pack

    WTF? is it me or did they change Lucario's voice to a voice of a grumpy old ma....=_=..
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    Ruling dx on?

    in Malaysia its ALREADY DX-ON....
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    BB T2 ~

    IMO Flariados is a T-2 deck and still usable after the rotation... that means yea...T-2 decks are stil possible to make..
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    Pokemon NEW "firefly?" Pokémon!!!

    or maybe .... an evo for.....i dunno somthing...
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    why is D A M A G E censored...

    ok thx!~
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    why is D A M A G E censored...

    nigafiga must u test =_=....but here me WPM fix it...pls..
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    why is D A M A G E censored...

    i think WPM should FIX this will be hard to use the word d a m a g e now in the deck garage...
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    why is D A M A G E censored...

    so is that why it is censored....shouldnt d a m n only be censored? like... D A M A G E....------> D A M N?
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    why is D A M A G E censored...

    u see ^ WHY??!!!
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    why is D A M A G E censored...

    why is the word censored when u type it....WHY? i can type the tilte bcuz its spaced...
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    Make A Wish

    i wished that i would get anything i wanted..
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    Pokemon parukia or diarugia

    diarugia all the way!!~
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    What game systems u have?

    only a GBA , GBC, and GB pocket...T_T..
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    Monday, 7/17, Lots of News the names of the new theme decks....hope they are good.... and roselia evo?....O_o how would it look like i wonder...