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    Google Sending Out Gifts to Google Maps Pokemon Masters [4/30]

    I don't know how to access the form :(
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    Ruling landmin lv.x

    The Poké body "Thankful" is automatically used during the turn. I guessing you mean the land form of shaymin lvx.
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    Ruling Problem with energy

    There is a number of ways to get them: 1) Ebay 2) Pop 8 or 9 packs 3) The Diamond and Pearl Pack
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    Ruling tournament

    O thats painful. When my laptop died at a tournament before, it die just before the last round. After i worked out that round. TOP CUT!!! Top 2 was easy to find out but the other to places was hard. Its basicly, look at the match slips, and see who played who. I then check the opponents...
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    The worst trade you ever made?

    When pokemon just came out. I traded my holo machamp for a double colourless energy.
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    Ruling tournament

    Under tournament operations. You can run a tournament without TOM. Its advise, but not nesserary. Rounds 1: Randomly pick the pairings If doing aged modified, If there is less then 8 players in seniors or juniors, place them in the same group. If there is less then 8 in masters, join seniors...
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    Ruling Playmat layout.

    Sometimes when a player is left handed, a judge would allow the player to have their deck and discard pile on the left and the prizes on the right. In either case of right or left handed, deck and discard pile must be on the same side.
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    Live coverage of UK nationals (16th May)

    Just thought I say incase anyone is interested. Which can be found at: From 8.30am-7pm (GMT) (1.30am - 12pm (PST))
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    Where are the tournaments in London?

    Lol. I know why you can't find, there isn't any listed yet lol. Just need to wait, or look for leagues as many tournaments happens then as well and I KNOW that there is at least 2 leagues in london.
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    Where are the tournaments in London?

    If you go to the go-pokemon site and sign in. Click on find tournaments, search in the United Kingdom and you should find some. If you still can't, let me know.
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    Ruling Card legality & a couple other questions.

    In reply to the 4th question, as long as the person who is checking the decklist is able to understand it, then you don't need it. However its best that you do to avoid problems. Also to add on to your 3rd question, if the card has the came title as one in a current modified set, then the...
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    Ruling What sleeves are tournament legal?

    Ophie. If you would like more infomation PM. This isn't the right topic for that matter.
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    Ruling Shedinja vs. Rampardos

    Rampardos wins. When Rampardos attacks, all effects on Shedinja goes which includes its body.
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    Ruling Lv. X

    The only time you can Level up on the bench is when you use the card "Level Max".
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    Ruling Damaging your own bench.

    As BET is offically out yet, this won't be the final ruling however, Manectric does prevent the damage. You must say which pokemon you want to damage, then as a result of manectric, it does no damage.
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    Ruling BTET question.

    Just to let you know. The street legal date for BTET is 20th May, therefore you wouldn't be able to use it at UK nationals.
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    Ruling Electivire + Electivire X + Motor Drive?

    It can't be used again. When leveling up, effects of evolving take place, but as its still the same pokemon (just with added attacks), you won't be able to use Motor Drive again.
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    Ruling What sleeves are tournament legal?

    I don't know what they look like, but I'm guessing it has a image on it, and sleeves that are not from POP that has images on can not be used.
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    Ruling What sleeves are tournament legal?

    Some, but I don't remember where they are in the documents. lol[hr] Just for everyone can see: 14.2. Card Sleeves Card sleeves are allowed to be used at Pokémon Organized Play events, provided that they meet the following requirements: • All of the sleeves on a deck must be the same color...
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    Ruling What sleeves are tournament legal?

    Your correct. Under 14.2 of the tournament rules: "The use of sleeves with any form of pattern or artwork on the back of the sleeve is strictly prohibited at all Premier Events, unless the sleeve is an official Pokémon sleeve, where the color along all four edges of the sleeve is identical."