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    Vending Machine Promos

    I have notice some of the Vending Machine promos have circles and diamonds on them and some do not is there a reason for this?
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    My First Plasma Box Deck.

    Pokemon (11) 4- Deoxys EX 3- Thundurus EX 2- black Kyurem PS 1- Snorlax 1- Plasma Tornadus EX Supporters (13) 4- N 4- Juniper 2- Colress 4- Skyla 1- Bianca Items (22) 3- Ultra Ball 2- Team Plasma Ball 2- Float Stone 3- Switch 1- Scramble Switch 4- Catcher 4- Hypnotoxic Laser 2- Colress...
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    My Landy-EX/Terrakon/Mewtwo deck

    pokemon 11 4x landy ex 2x terrakon ex or tornadus ex not sure which to choose 3x mewtwo ex 2x bouffalant or may be 2x keldeo ex trainer/supporter 36 4x juniper 4x N 3x Bianca 3x Skyla 4x ctatcher 2x max potion 2x energy switch 4x switch 3x ultra ball 4x hypnotoxic laser 2x virbank city gym 1x...
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    Deck help please

    I need some help constructing a compeitive deck tier1 around these pokemon I have for decks. I am new to the deck building arena. Mods I hope I have posted in the right area? EX's And FA's I have for decks are the following. 71/124 terrakion EX x3 121/124 terrakion EX FA 95/135 Black...
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    A Simple Question?

    This question more than likely has been asked a thousand times and feel free to direct me to the thread. The question is this what are good/best pokemon to use in a deck I know you can build a deck out of any pokemon and I also know there are different types of styles for decks. Apart from...
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    WTB Skyridge Aquapolis Expedition Foils Reverse Foils Crystals and ledary set foils and reverse

    Welcome to the awesome buy thread :) Would like to buy the following or trade please check my thread. expedition aquapolis Skyridge Crystals Reverse foil crystals H/foils Reverse Foils Commons/ Uncommons/ Rares Legendary collection holos reverse foil common uncommon rares Thanks...
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    Why is Skyridge so sought after?

    Hi, can some one tell me why skyridge cards are so sort after and so expensive?
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    Pokemoncatcher Awesome Trade thread Updated Added More Ultras topical beach jolton* vending machine

    Welcome to the awesome trade thread. RULES, 1) All Pokebeach Forum/ Trading rules apply. 2) I live in Australia I will send overseas to select areas. 3) Trades worth over $70 in value will be sent registered and tracked. I expect the same for my orders/trades. 4) All my cards are near...