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    Discussion M Charizard (GEN) and Kiawe

    could the M charizard become viable option for competitive play with the help of kiawe? this card could potentially do 300 damage for 4 fire energy and victini (GUR) could help with the coin flips.
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    Expanded Gengar ex/toxapex deck

    ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck-overzicht ****** ##Pokémon - 18 * 2 Carbink FAC 50 * 3 Croagunk STS 58 * 3 Toxicroak STS 59 * 3 Gengar-EX PHF 114 * 1 Hoopa-EX AOR 89 * 2 Mareanie SM 62 * 2 Toxapex SM 63 * 1 Mew FAC 29 * 1 Keldeo-EX LTR 45 ##Trainerkaarten - 32 * 3 Trainers' Mail...
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    Discussion Greninja Break Against Decidueye GX

    hello everyone, So my title already mentions my question if greninja from breakpoint could be a decent counter against decidueye gx. I personally think that the shadow stitching attack is a very solid attack to shut down decidueye’s ability. But I'm worried that greninja would be outspeed by...
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    Discussion Full Art Ultra Ball Price

    Hey pokebeachers, How much do you think that the new ultra ball will cost?
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    Discussion New Set Logo Revealed for Sun and Moon

    While I was playing PTCGO I discovered this logo for our first set in the Sun and Moon era. This could be accidently released or it could be on purpose. Btw I’m from Belgium so that's the reason why the game isn't in English.
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    Ruling Espeon EX miraculous shine on frogadiers (water duplicates)

    What happens when you play espeon ex with miraculous shine against your opponent that has frogadiers on their bench by the effect of water duplicates. Do they also have to return to the hand or not?