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    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    you have lance prism star. you can use it to search for two dragonite if your opponent knocked out a dratini.
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    'Hidden Fates,' Special Set Releasing in America This August!

    to quote my bankaccount: you don't have enough money to buy all those secrets!
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    'Charisma of the Wrecked Sky,' Japan's SM7 Set Announced!

    It's ability is based to much on luck to be viable. The attack is a bit expensive and to risky with the heavy attackers we have now.
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    Discussion Better Ray-GX variant?

    I'm thinking of a version with vikavolt and with sceptile from SM7. Sceptile has basicly the same attack as rayquaza and has an ability that prevent damage from ultra beasts
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    Discussion M Charizard (GEN) and Kiawe

    could the M charizard become viable option for competitive play with the help of kiawe? this card could potentially do 300 damage for 4 fire energy and victini (GUR) could help with the coin flips.
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    News Gengar From SM4 Revealed!

    could have some potential with the gengar from generations and the tapu koko promo.
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    News Japan's SM3 Sets for the 20th Movie Feature Ho-Oh and Necrozma!

    You can use the togekiss line from roaring skies with the ancient trait to accelarate the energys on necrozma
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    Expanded Gengar ex/toxapex deck

    ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck-overzicht ****** ##Pokémon - 18 * 2 Carbink FAC 50 * 3 Croagunk STS 58 * 3 Toxicroak STS 59 * 3 Gengar-EX PHF 114 * 1 Hoopa-EX AOR 89 * 2 Mareanie SM 62 * 2 Toxapex SM 63 * 1 Mew FAC 29 * 1 Keldeo-EX LTR 45 ##Trainerkaarten - 32 * 3 Trainers' Mail...
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    Discussion Greninja Break Against Decidueye GX

    hello everyone, So my title already mentions my question if greninja from breakpoint could be a decent counter against decidueye gx. I personally think that the shadow stitching attack is a very solid attack to shut down decidueye’s ability. But I'm worried that greninja would be outspeed by...
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    Expanded Expanded: toxapex gx, draglage, toxicroak?

    you could do that if you think that garbodor would be a great risk but only 1. Feel free to test out ;)
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    Expanded Expanded: toxapex gx, draglage, toxicroak?

    you could use the regular toxapex (63/149) frum sun&moon base wich has the ability 'Toxic Spikes' Whenever your opponent's Active Pokémon retreats, their new Active Pokémon is Poisoned. This ability works really well with the ability from toxicroack to create a poison barrier that is difficult...
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    Discussion Full Art Ultra Ball Price

    Hey pokebeachers, How much do you think that the new ultra ball will cost?
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    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    I'm also glad that i preordered this set. I can't wait to see what we all can get in the english set.
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    Discussion New Set Logo Revealed for Sun and Moon

    While I was playing PTCGO I discovered this logo for our first set in the Sun and Moon era. This could be accidently released or it could be on purpose. Btw I’m from Belgium so that's the reason why the game isn't in English.
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    Standard Bench warmers for MegaGardevoir

    I'm also testing a Mgardevoir deck and i'm using following pokemons in my deck: 2x xerneas (geomancy) 3x Gardevoir EX 2x Mgardevoir EX 1 Hoopa EX 4x Klefki I use the xerneas as a starter pokemon for the first 2 turns when possible to power up 2 gardevoir. I use only 1 hoopa EX and i can almost...
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    Snorlax GX, Sun and Moon's First Promo!

    Can you use pokemon ranger to use the GX attack multiple times?
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    Standard Volcanion EX - Entei (Post-rotation)

    Why do you use the entei 15/98 instead of entei 14/98? I found it personanlly a better option to use the non ancient trait entei as a primary attacker because of his second atttack that does 20 damaga plus an additional 20 damage for each pokemon on the opponent's bench. I understand that it can...
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    Ruling Espeon EX miraculous shine on frogadiers (water duplicates)

    I already found that when you use water duplicates, that yor frogadiers are not counted as evolved pokemons. Miraculous shine has no effect on them.