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    Standard Donphan/Baby Buzz

    I'll usually play something off the beaten path. And I promised to make some posts last month...but didnt. So this is one of my favorite decks ATM. Setup is pretty easy with Brooklet- And if you're able to chain Last Chance Potions... you'll keep your elephants alive all game long. In case...
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    Ruling Aegislash (Forbidden Light) Record of Death

    #35 Aegislash – Psychic – HP150 Stage 2 – Evolves from Doublade [C] Record of Death: If the Defending Pokemon is damaged by an attack during your next turn, it is Knocked Out. Am I right in assuming that the words 'and is still the active pokemon' is implied in this attack? That if you Record...
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    Discussion Chess Style Time Clock in Competitive PTCG?

    I come from a poker playing background, so the concept of a timed card game is a little foreign to me. I get the point that the rounds cant go unlimited in tournaments. Has the idea of giving each player a certain amount of time for the series- and if it runs out- then you lose?
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    Discussion Is there a schedule to new game mechanics?

    I'm fairly new to the game and just curious how often a new mechanic is introduced to the game? On average is it about every other set? (2017 was both GX & Ultra Beasts, 2018 starts off with Prism Star)
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    Help How should "I" beat Gardevoir? (non Jr edition)

    I'm coming at this from my own particular deck angle; which might be a tough deck to play...nor have I fully tested this theory. Here is a link to my deck core: In playing my deck, I've been realizing how powerful...
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    Standard BuzZoroark with some spice!

    I think this deck has potential (maybe even being a darkhorse for Memphis)... Because of its speed, I think this deck is very solitaresque in the meta. (It doesn't really matter what your opponent is playing maybe besides Greninja)... If you set up you win. I apologize in advance for the...
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    Discussion How much do you discuss your poketourny?

    I'm curious, how much do other people chat towards at the end of their matchups (particularly the tourny here) ? My very first tourny, I think I blabbered like crazy- partially because of my non-meta deck list. I know at times it can be tough to discuss what you needed to draw on a specific...
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    Standard Crabominable (Gutsy Turn 1?)

    Pokemon (14) 4- Crabrawler (BUS) 4- Crabominable (BUS) 1- Remoraid (BKT) 1- Octillery (BKT) 1- Oranguru (SUM) 2- TapuLele-GX (GUR) 1- Sudowoodo (BKP) Supporters (16) 4- N 4- Sycamore 4- Acerola 3- Guzma 1- Wally Items (19) 4- Ultra Ball 4- Max Potion 4- Choice Band 2- Float Stone 1- Evosoda...
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    Ruling Crabominable vs Shell Trap (Turtonator-GX)

    I'm fairly certain this is a bug on PTCGO; if anyone wants to try to recreate it with me I'd appreciate it. In both examples in the rules Compendium- The secondary effects of the attack occur prior to Shell Trap placing 8 damage counters. (i.e. Shaymin-EX returns to hand & TapuBulu Heals prior...
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    Discussion Enhanced Hammer Errata?

    Why is it that Field Blower* has the option to remove card from your own side of the board- whereas Enhanced Hammer** doesn't? *Choose up to 2 in any combination of Pokémon Tool cards and Stadium cards in play (yours or your opponent's) and discard them. **Discard a Special Energy from 1 of...
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    Discussion A Tool that blocks Guzma?

    I was wondering if there’s ever been a tool that prevents Gust of Wind, Lysander or Guzma? Like an “Anvil” that would have the tradeoff- “This pokemon cant attack with tool on”. Just something to put on a pokemon that youre only using for its ability (i.e. Venosaur) or would that be too OP?
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    Help Shining Legends N00b Q

    This is my first year playing online- and I knew people were saying that the physical cards werent being sold as individual booster packs? Likewise is the PTCGO store not going to stock Shining Legends cards? (i.e. so is that why last year it was so tough to find a copy of TMSB? as it was a...
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    Standard Electric Creep Show

    In my September tournament list; I had Oranguru- and it seemed like at times I had a hand of Po,Po, Candy and just was stuck. Any other thoughts, let me know! Pokemon: 18 3- Tapu Koko (Promo) 2- Tapu Lele- GX 1- Remoraid (BKT) 1- Octillery (BKT) 4- Gastly (BKT) 3- Haunter (BKT) 4- Gengar...
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    Ruling Mr. Mime Bench Barrier

    With spread decks (Necrozma, Weavile, Koko) becoming more and more popular, I'm thinking that Mr. Mime is going to be a more and more popular card. I'd like some clarification on his ability: Bench Barrier. "Prevent all damage done to your Benched Pokémon by attacks." On my last question...
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    Ruling Nihilego-GX vs Salazzle-GX

    I think this is pretty straight forward based upon wording- but just want to confirm. Nihilego-GX's Parasite-GX attack puts 2 cards into your opponent's prizes. Thus creating an 8 prize card game. If you as the opponent then attack with Diabolical Claws- (50x Times # of prizes you've taken)-...
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    Discussion Meta Matchup Matrix

    This maybe a lot to ask, but I'm curious if any major (Regionals) tournament (or even like the Pokebeach Tourny) would actually publish a full Deck vs Deck analysis. I'm following some 'personalities' online- or in interviews, someone will say 'This is a bad matchup...someone else will come...
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    Discussion Number of Basics vs Mulliganing

    I get that the disruption/stall decks know that they're going to mulligan... Besides those- is there a "magic" number of Basics that you'd want to limit your mulligans to avoid giving your opponent a huge advantage. Or do you just have as many basics that you need- and if it's only 7 or 8 you...
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    Discussion Online vs Paper cards

    Unlike a lot of people, I'm coming from more of a poker background as opposed to MTG. Now besides the obvious RNG, do you/have you ever played differently in person just picking up a "tell" on your opponent? For example, lets say they KO you; you're in line to KO him/her looked at...
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    Help Item's Preventing Retreat

    I had an interesting scenario that sparked some curiosity... I played a Gengar's Creep Show vs a Kiawa'ed full Ho-Oh with a Wishful Baton... and I expected that I'd be in trouble when the energy got moved to the Volc... but to my surprise all the energy went to the discard. The Creep show...
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    Discussion Buzzwole-Salazzle GX

    Any thoughts on this combo? Buzzwole for your first two prizes on their main attacker with Absorbtion-GX. Knuckle Punch +(StrongEnergy/ChoiceBand/Kukui) their TapuLele for your next two. And then switch over to Salazzle GX's Diabolical Claws for 200 damages to close out the game. Probably...