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    NEW speculative holon phantom list

    i am impatient. sue me. =P here's my new list. i realize that 3 cards are missing, but, thats because i'm unsure what to put in. key: (m): meiji chocolate promo; (t): lucario/mew tin; (l): lucario collection box; anything without parentheses is in the original japanese set. 1/110 Armaldo d...
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    Holon Phantoms Speculative Set list!!!!

    the old thread in the news capsule is kinda dying, so wpm asked me to post this here: in order for it to be 110 cards, 11 more cards are needed. maybe i missed something from the actual japanese set, or the lucario tin. prehaps other promos (NOT players club promos, except, maybe, plusle and...