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    A map making contest, make a burned forest!

    I all of the sudden got the idea to make a map contest. For those of you who are interessed: 1: Make a burned forest with these tilesets, remember to have them tiled up all the way, and when you delivers it: Here is the world map of the forest: After 24th December I will judge...
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    Some maps from Pokémon Norgia, the fan-game!

    Ok, I've decided to let everyone who wants to see the Norgia maps see them. We have 5 100% finnished maps. Pacific Town: Route 301: Skaggerak Town: Route 302: Lapet City: Towns and Cities is made by me, routes by Cute Mew! DON'T USE WITHOUT PERMISION!
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    Fame, the musical! See the musical here!

    Hi, a Norwegian school in Spain (DNSCB) has made a Fame video, with students at the school, it is norwegian, but almost everyone who saw it was spanish, and there is many english songs in it! My brother was in it (JACK in the role) he sings: Is it ok if I call you mine? I would like that so many...
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    Pokémon Norgia Adventures, the game!

    We have now a forum for the game, and has done 1/4 of it. The planned (don't kill me if this is wrong) release date is February 1st 2007. We have now Screenshots on the forums, but you are not alloved to see the maps in the citys, towns, routes, etc. Because we want it to be more exciting to...
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    What is your favourit song?

    The title toled you my question: What is your favourit song, and who sings it? Mine is: Drink With Me from Les Miserables song by the roles: Feuilly Provaire Joly Grantaire Marius
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    Pokémon Norgia Adventures, the Region.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: THE ROUTE NUMBERS ARE WRONG, AND WILL BE FIXED NOW. THE OLD NUMBERS DO NO LONGER MATTERS! Hi, C-M and I are going to make our own region. We will make routes from 46 to 100. There will be innside and outside images. The images will be posted in how soon they are in the...
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    A new Region

    I'm making a new Region, but I don't know how to put it on the internet. Can someone please tell me?
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    What kind of Pokémon are you?

    I see some guys on the forum with a What Pokémon Are You in the sig, so i made a topic, test your self. look at my sig to see who I realy am :P
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    New set from me!

    Hi, I am making a new set, and will show you the spoilers day to day, but there is one problem. I don't have a good name for the set! So please help! Ampharos HP 110 Lightning Stage 2 Evolves from Flaaffy Poké-body: Recharging Power: If Ampharos is on your Bench, and your Active...
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    X-men "The Last Stand"

    Has anyone seen it? I just got home from the cinema, and i loved it! What do you guys think about this film? This movie must get at least one Oscar!
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    New competition, the best set!

    Hi, I know we have very many competitions, even to many. But I thought abut a new way to compet. You are going to make a set. The set must be finnished before June. When the sets are finnished other users may vote on them. The set must contain more than 80 cards and les than 130. The set...
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    EX Virus! (made by Zapdos EX and Mind Reader)

    Hi, Zapdos EX and me has started to create a set. We are cooperating, but the card is his work. Well here it is: The links under the card names, is a link to the card. Here's finaly the Set List: H #1. Ampharos H #2...
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    fake card contest (not like the others)

    hey, I made this Fake Card Contest because it has a new uppset. Here are the rules: Every on can join anytime. No elimination. I post a mission, and those who want to try do it. I will anounce a winner in every contest. I will give the winner a number from 1-10, based on grammar etc...
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    my first set, EX Lake of Rage [Finished]

    hi, here's some cards from EX Lake of Rage: #1/65 Charizard HP 110 Colorless Stage 2 Evolves from Charmeleon Pokè-power: Eruption: Once during your turn, you may search your deck for up to 3 [R] Energy cards and shuffle them into your deck. You can't use more than 1 Eruption...
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    i seak drawers

    hi, I wonder if somone could draw pictures of some pokemon for me. here are the pokemon: Charizard Feraligatr Nidoking Nidoqueen Pidgeot Typhlosion Thank you in advance.
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    wich set?

    I have decided to make Lake of Rage first, then Oasis Camp. EX: Lake of Rage #1. Charizard #2. Feraligatr #3. Nidoking #4. Nidoqueen #5. Pidgeot #6. Typhlosion #7. Golduck #8. Gyarados #9. Houndoom #10. Pidgeot #11. Seaking #12. Shuckle #13. Sudowooodo #14. Ursaring #15...
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    future Trainer ideas!

    I saw this thread about future EX' and tought about making this thread. well, here's mine: #1: Pokèmon Doll HP 50 Trainer Trainer Play Pokèmon Doll as if it were a Basic Pokèmon. While in play, Pokèmon Doll can't be affected by a Special Condition. If Pokèmon Doll is Knocked Out...
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    EX: Hot Abyss

    EX: Hot Abyss The Holon Professor has disappeared, and now a group of Holon Researchers and Explorers are looking for the missing professor. While they are looking near the Eidolon Forest they find an abyss. And there they discover the professor working with an orb. Soon they discover that...
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    How make fakes with adobe photoshop?

    I have adobe photoshop and want to learn how to make fakes, so i wonder if one of you fakers can help me. Thanks in advance