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  1. Robert Belli

    Discussion 2016/17 Dallas Ft. Worth Regionals

    Here's what I found to be the standings: Day 1 Standings 1. Dalen Dockery (9-0-0) – M Gardevoir EX STS 2. Alex Krekeler (8-1-0) – Greninja BREAK/Talonflame STS 3. Jonathan Soto (8-1-0) – Greninja BREAK 4. Xander Pero (7-1-1) – M Gardevoir EX STS 5. Jimmy Pendarvis (7-1-1) – Yveltal EX/Garbodor...
  2. Robert Belli

    Event 2016/17 London Internationals

    Not sure how accurate it is but heres a list I found. Day 1 Results 1. Attar Rico (ID) [8-1-0] – Volcanion EX 2. Alex Hill (US) [8-1-0] – Vespiquen AOR/Zebstrika BKP/Garbodor BKP 3. Yee Wei Chun (MY) [8-1-0] – Yveltal/Garbodor BKP 4. Michael Pramawat (US) [8-1-0] – Yveltal/Garbodor BKP 5. Tord...
  3. Robert Belli

    Event Ft Wayne Regionals 2016

    It looks like Yveltal/Garb won 1st in Ft Wayne. Anyone else have info on the top 8?
  4. Robert Belli

    Point Earning for 2016-17 Season Starts?

    Hello all, I have been trying to find out when the next PTGC season actually starts in terms of earning championship and Play! points for the 2017 Worlds. I read somewhere July 11th you can start earning points but I can't seem to find the info again. Thanks!