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    Pokemon are there other creautres in the pokemon world

    I think there should be a pokedex that shows the food chain of pokemon{If there was}
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    Sunday, 9/3, Two New Videos

    I can't wait for the new pokemon episods. I  want to see the one with team go get'ers in the mystery dungons
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    Friday, 7/14, NEW Pokemon!! (DP stuff too)

    RE: Friday, 7/14, New D/P Shadow Pokemon Revealed! I Wounder what it is YOu might be right but waht if it a new pokemon
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    Wednesday, 7/12, Diamond and Pearl

    I HOpe There are some pokemon that can learn new hm moves
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    Pokemon Which is the Scariest Pokemon ever?

    I Say pinsir I meen look at the sharp claws at the top of its head it would be scary to wake up to that
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    Thursday, 6/7, Chat Room, Diamond and Pearl Boxart and Video

    This Game is Going to ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOck I woundre how much it coasts
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    Monday, 6/26, PokeBeach goes to Turkey, EX CG News

    why would I trade my Jiirachi
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    Summer plans

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    Summer plans