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    Saturday, 3/22, Masamitsu Hidaka at Anime Expo

    Can't wait to use my press powers to meet him! :P
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    Friday, 7/28, Card Review, Ranger Logo, TR Video

    Yes, stupid interweb indeed. Well, actually, more like stupid hot SoCal weather. The host had a power outage and then a generator blew up. At least they got your server back up. I'm still waiting on mine to go back up... :( EDIT:YAY! My server is back up!
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    Well... it stands for Real Simple Syndaction. Essentially, it's a page that you can subscribe to and every time you load it, it checks for updates and shows them to you. Think of it like a podcast subscriptions, but in text only from. They're not hard to make, my site has an RSS feed. But...
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    Friday, 7/28, Card Review, Ranger Logo, TR Video

    WTF!? Was that suppose to scare me. I guess those only work when they really have your attention. Then again, it's been done to death now that it doesn't really work anymore. Can't believe I'm going to say this but... You sir, are an idiot!
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    Monday, 6/26, PokeBeach goes to Turkey, EX CG News

    If anything, this serves as a freindly reminder to always keep all you apps, back-ends, and OSs up-to-date. This is the main reason why so many security patches and updates are released for... well, everything.