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  1. shadowblade

    Wi-Fi Trades The Twin Shadows's Player Thread ~Updated Every Thursday!~

    Shadowblade2 and I have decided to create a joint Player Thread. I have Pokemon Pearl and Shadowblade2 has Pokemon Diamond. We will forewarn you if one of our pokemon are hacked and we expect you to do the same. Shadowblade2 Name: Dylan FC: 4811-5653-4723 Shadowblade Name: ASH FC...
  2. shadowblade

    Wi-Fi Trades Shadowblade's "MY PLAYER" Thread

    Hi welcome to my player thread! My Friend code (Pearl, English) Name: ASH FC:2492-2598-6714 My Rules: Must post an offer I may take hacks, depending on what you are offering. Also please tell me if the pokemon you are trading is hacked or not, i would appreciate it! MY...
  3. shadowblade

    DPPt/HGSS I need a Poketopia electrivire or magmortar!

    I really need a Poketopia Electrivire or magmortar preferably untouched please! I Have Many Pokemon to offer, but if theres anything that you would like for it, leave a message in the thread and i will see if i have it!
  4. shadowblade

    DPPt/HGSS Looking for Event Pokemon

    im looking for an Arceus, A Shaymin And A legit movie Darkrai
  5. shadowblade

    DPPt/HGSS Looking for legendary pokemon

    I am looking for legendary pokemon, but i specificly want the event one. the ones i am looking for are: movie darkrai arceus shayman