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  1. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Wi-Fi Trades Alex's Hack Request Shop

    Friend Code: (On Profile) In-game name(s): Alex Looking for: Battles Battle Format(s): I'm always looking for some good VGC Battles! Special Services Hi all, I am currently interested in helping people get hard to get Pokémon in their games they don't have access to! AKA Hacking. Now if you...
  2. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Running!! - Cross Country, Track, and Casual

    Pokébeach Running Thread Hello! Welcome to the official Running Thread. I've created this thread to bring the runners (both competitive and casual) together! This place is going to be a place where you can discuss anything you like that pertains to running! This can include, but is not limited...
  3. AlexanderTheAwesome

    ATA's Bandwagon TCG Fakes: Historic Evolutions

    cyndSo, I guess I'll hop onto the bandwagon and create my own Text-Based TCG set. I've decided my Set will be based around cool Stage 2 Pokemon with all EX's and Secret Rares being as such. It will feature Stage 1's with nifty abilities, cool Evolution based Trainers (some Reprints) and some...
  4. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Ruling Gothitelle

    Do you have to discar a stadium from in play before you put one from your discard in play
  5. AlexanderTheAwesome

    The Nationals Deck Flop (Yveltal EX / Raichu) 1,001 Post!

    1,001st Post!!! Hello everyone, as my 1,001 post-not-so-special special I'm bringing a mini-torunament report (because I'm too lazy to do a full one) of this year's National Championships. It's also not really a tournament report, I'm just kind've sharing how it went and and letting everyone...
  6. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Ruling I Don't Know if This Will Ever Come Up.... But...

    Ok, So I play down a Cedric Juniper. I then put a Pokemon card face down and say "Ok, what's Wailord's height?" Then the reply comes back from my opponent as "Wow... Wild guess because i have no idea.... is it 47' 07"?" *47'07' is Wailord's height* I then flip over the upside down Pokemon card...
  7. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Lucario / Milotic / Cofagrigus

    Experience: Competitive Player Pokemon: 20 4 Riolu 4 Lucario 3 Feebas 3 Milotic 2 Yamask 2 Cofagrigus 2 Jirachi EX Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 30 4 Professor Sycamore 4 N 2 Shauna 2 Colress 4 Ultra Ball 2 Level Ball 2 Professor's Letter 2 Sacred Ash 2 Startling Megaphone 3 Silver Bangle 2...
  8. AlexanderTheAwesome

    The End of the ACE-SPEC Era

    So, as I'm sure many of you have noticed by now, there will be no more ACE-SPEC cards (unless TPCI randomly stars reprinting them again). Now, I'll be honest, I loved ACE-SPECs. The idea of having cards that were so good you could only play one was just such an interesting concept to me and the...
  9. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Wanting To Complete Chandelure Collection!!

    I live in Ohio and need these cards soon, I pay through PayPal. Hi there, it may say US, WW, but I probably won't be doing WW if the shipping is too large. It is basically just there so that people that aren't in the US can offer, but I would expect their prices to be competitive to US prices...
  10. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Bulky OU Volt Turn

    Not John (Manectric) @ Manectite Ability: Lightningrod / Intimidate EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef Timid Nature - Volt Switch - Thunderbolt - Flamethrower - Protect This is Mega Manectric. This has basically replaced my old Raikou and my old Thundurus-T as I was searching for a...
  11. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Ruling Mega Evos

    OK so me and my league-mates have been wondering this for a LONG time and no one seemed to have answered Can I mega evolution on the first turn? Can I Evolution Soda a Mega-Evolution?
  12. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Ruling Aegislash

    OK, so let's say that I have this Aegislash in play. Now Stance Change says that I can switch it with an Aegislash card in my hand, meaning that I can take an Aegislash Shield form and switch it with another shield form. So my question is; If I switch Aegislash with the exact same Aegislash...
  13. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Ruling Gible's Sand-Attack

    So here's the scenario: I use Gible's Sand-Attack on a Lugia EX, next turn that same Lugia EX attacks with Plasma Gale. The result of the coin flip is Tails. Would he still discard the Plasma Energy since it says it doesn't do anything if you don't discard the energy (I assume it would since...
  14. AlexanderTheAwesome

    XY Doubles Sun Team

    Venusaur @ Leftovers Ability: Chlorophyll EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 HP / 4 Def Modest Nature - Giga Drain - Sludge Bomb - Solar Beam - Synthesis This is my Chlorophyll sweeper. He basically outspeeds everything since he has mediocre speed (but obviously it is doubled by with Chlorophyll) and...
  15. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Wi-Fi Trades AlexanderTheAwesome's Trade Thread: Looking for Competitive Pokemon

    Friend Code: It's in my Profile Time Zone: Ohio - Eastern Times Available:Varies - We will work something out So I'm trying to complete my Pokedex to receive those charm thingies. AND I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Why? Because I'm lazy! Also, because I never realized how many Pokemon I never bothered...
  16. AlexanderTheAwesome

    2013-14 Season - First Full Season Report!

    Fall Regionals Warm Ups (Basically a Battle Roads) North Olmstead #1 North Olmstead #2 Elyria Regionals Fall Regionals - Fort Wayne, IN League Challenges Elyria Cuyahoga City Championships Elyria North Olmstead
  17. AlexanderTheAwesome

    XY Competitive Team

    Hi guys, I'm trying to play competitively in the VG this year, and I thought now would be a great time to learn (having the TCG season be kinda boringggg right now). Also, anyone have a cool name for this team? *Assume all IVs are 31 unless otherwise stated Mawile (F) @ Mawilite Ability...
  18. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Indiana Regionals DQ & Philly

    So nobody has talked about this yet, so I'll be the first one I guess. Anyone that was at Fort Wayne, Indiana Regional championships on 10/27 more than likely heard about the Chris Fulop situation that happened on the very last round of Top 32 (the last of the grueling 14, 50 minute, best 2/3...
  19. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Help with Unorthodox Hail Team

    It's Raining Ice... and this Fire Ape.... and that weird Plant Thing Abomasnow (M) @ Focus Sash Trait: Snow Warning EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd/4 HP Adamant Nature - Seed Bomb - Rock Slide - Ice Punch - Leech Seed Abomasnow should be pretty obvious. I don't know why, but GF doesn't...
  20. AlexanderTheAwesome

    Looking for Full Arts

    Hey guys here's what I'm looking for: x4 FA Professor Juniper IDK if anybody is interested, but I have a Plasma Freeze Booster Box that could go towards payment. Thanks, please make a first offer unless you want me to low-ball you :D